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6 Fitness Holidays spent around the World

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The Philippines – The Philippines is one of the trendiest off-kilter spots around the world for new age wellness, surf, yoga, crossfit, and overall wellness retreats, with its diverse array of islands and activities, you are sure to never have a moment of boredom that you did not purposely plan and at a wonderfully affordable price. If you are looking for that beach life experience then check out places like Baler, La Union, Samar, Camarines Norte, Sorsogon, Zambales, Ilocos Norte, and many others. If you are looking for hiking up in the mountains try the various mountains and mountain provinces like Bagiuo, Benguet, Sagada, Kalinga, Tagaytay, and several others. Basically, every fitness retreat you want to have is available in the Philippines at a really good price.

South America – South America is a magical and alien place, providing the most extreme and diverse locations for you to get your wellness fix. With Peru’s ancient charms great for yoga and spirituality; Costa Rica with its tropical forests and its expansive beaches, wonderful surf, horseback riding, ATV rides, and great beach night life; Brazil, with its inspirationally beautiful people, great surf, night life and culture; Argentina and it’s artistic, purist, modern approach, with great plains, ranges, landscapes, all the way to the ends of the world. In South America, literally, the sky is the limit, providing the full range of human experience and activities from sky diving to scuba, one can really get lost in finding themselves in these beautiful places.

Thailand – Trending as hard as the Philippines for its health and wellness tourism, Thailand boasts a plethora of options for the fitness fans. Known for their muay thai, yoga, surf, and new age retreats, as well as having an amazingly balanced and healthy food culture, health nuts around the world should not miss out on this place and what experiences it has to offer.

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Red Mountains, Utah – This landscape welcomes you to pure Americana, with Las Vegas being a couple hours away, and the wide and great open outdoors allotting for many activities, such as mountain climbing, biking, hiking, horseback riding, this rejuvenating setting is sure to inspire a healthy lifestyle with rest and relaxation. Patron one of the many health and wellness spa resorts this cowboy state has to offer. Take off your boots and let your hair down in this red-rocked Utah horizon, sweet oblivion.

The Maldives – Being in the Maldives is like floating in a spa on the ocean. This is the quintessential health and wellness getaway. There is only one reason people visit the beautiful Maldives, and that is pure and unadulterated relaxation. Detach from your hectic life and find yourself taken away by the big blue. Get all
your yoga, fitness, surf, nutritional needs met with attention to detail and a truly international clientele. The Maldives are perfect for privacy and is a seemingly perfect paradise of physical and mental fitness.

Austin, Texas – Austin will have all the modern fitness trends at your call and beckon. It is like going to California but with a Texan flare for ease and practicality. This Texas city is relaxed, fresh, up-to-date, and diverse. Any kind of health and wellness program is available at any time. A fitness freak’s fantasy, built in with a small town charm, all the modern accessibilities, and cultures of any great urban city; this place is a young person’s dream. Austin is one of the healthiest, entertaining, and most liveable cities in America. I strongly urge anyone to see this place, it is a delightful surprise of a city, and a great place to become a healthier, happier, you.

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