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Eyeliner Hacks

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Eyeliner is one of those makeup inventions that revolutionized the whole makeup game. A simple black line on the eyelids can make up a whole lot of difference in the appearance. A lot of women have noted that wearing eyeliner is enough makeup for them to feel ready and powerful and we couldn’t agree more. Eyeliners can help make the eyes look bigger, smaller, glamorous, awake, and so much more.

There are four types of eyeliner. The liquid, gel, powder and pencil eyeliner. Each type of pencil has a different effect on the eyes. You can use liquid eyeliner for a strong and distinct color and shape. Powder eyeliner is used to create a soft and smudge effect lined eyes. Gel eyeliner is for better control when applying, it has a strong pigmentation making a great eyeliner for Smokey eyes and creating cat’s eye.  Pencil liner is a lot softer than gel or liquid liner, it can also be applied in the water line to create a more subtle eyeliner look.

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You can have every type and color of eyeliner in the book, but applying it is a whole other story. If you ask most women about their makeup routine, they will tell you that they spend more time perfecting their eyeliner than anything else. One little mistake of drawing the line will cause you to either erase the line or balance it out.  We all want to help each other, knowing the struggle of putting on a perfect winged eye.

We’d like everyone to learn these amazing eyeliner hacks to help keep your makeup game on point.

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1. No Peek-a-boo Skin Eyeliner Hack

A common makeup problem for women is that irritating peek-a-boo skin below the lash line near the water line. For people that aren’t used to applying eyeliner in the water line, this can be a complete nightmare. You can prevent this by placing your non dominant hand’s index finger in your brow bone. Push the skin of your brow bone upward. This will make applying the lash line easier and can prevent you from tearing up. This is also a great tip for creating a straight line. Doing this will prevent the skin from folding and causing zigzag lines.

2. Keep Lowe Lash Line from Smudging

This is a common problem for women, especially after sweating or getting oily through the day. You can prevent this smudging by using a tiny brush and pressing translucent powder directly under the lash line. You need to apply the powder after you apply the eyeliner. The powder works as a seal, it prevent the eyeliner from rolling down or melting. This is also a great way to highlight the under eye area and covering unwanted dark circles.

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3. Curling and Eyeliner in One

This is a great hack for people that are always on the go. This tip may not give you the most perfect lined eyes, but it works as a great smudge eyeliner effect. Before applying your mascara, draw a thick line on the top section of your eyelash curler. Use your eyelash curler like you normally would, but slightly apply pressure on the lash line to make the drawn line stick to the skin before curling the whole lash.

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4. Learn Different Eyeliner Shapes

We have different eye shapes and different types of eyeliner styles will help accentuate the eyes. Learn the different styles such as the classic winged eyeliner, the twiggy eyeliner, the classic flapper girl eyeliner and the glamour girl eyeliner look and so much more.

5. The Clean Smudge Eyeliner

Smudge eyeliner tends to look messy and is most of the time the left over eyeliner from the day before. You can make the smudge eyeliner look clean and professional even with left over eyeliner. Simply line the eyes again and take a smudge brush or cotton bud. Place it on the edge of the eyes and smudge from the outside in. Perform this motion every few centimeter of the eyeliner.

6. Waterline Eyeliner

The waterline eyeliner can easily smudge due to the moisture in the eye area. You can make it last longer by applying black eyeshadow powder after applying gel or pencil eyeliner on the waterline. This will help seal the eyeliner in the waterline. Use a fine eyeliner brush to apply the powder, using a fluffy brush will cause a mess in the under eye area.

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Another important part of applying eyeliner is using the right tools. There are the angled eyeliner brush, fine eyeliner brush, flat eyeliner brush and fine angled eyeliner brush. The angled brush is great for fine lines and applying on the water line. The fine brush is used for creating thin and intricate lines. Flat brush is used for thick lines and smudging. The fine angled brush is great for complex designs and creating straight lines.

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