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The How-Tos to a Perfect Hair Day

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Is it really that difficult to achieve the best hair on a daily basis? It’s true that we have often experienced bad hair days regardless of how much we care for our hair to the point that we feel frustrated that things aren’t going the way we want it with our hair. So we chop off our hair so that it will be easier to handle only to find out that it takes a special kind of care to have good hair days with cropped locks. So how do you achieve perfect hair days anyway?

Undone waves. Adding soft waves to your hair can be accomplished easily. This works perfectly for those with mid to long hair. First, wash your hair and then dry it partially. While it is still 40% wet, spray some volumizing, salt-free beach spray on your hair then divide it into two sections. Twist each section into a bun and secure them in place with some bobby pins or no kink bands. Remove the buns in the morning and spritz some more of the beach spray. If you spot frizz on your hair, just spray some anti-frizz on the affected areas and you’re done.

Use the right tools. A lot of us assume that a comb is a comb which can be used on all types of hair. However, this is a line of reasoning that causes our hair to get damaged in the first place. For example, we often make the mistake of using a regular fine toothed comb after we wet our hair. This actually damages the hair because it has to go through the tangles. A better option would be to use a wide-toothed comb instead to separate the tangles without damaging the hair strands.

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Change your pillowcases to silk ones. For those who want to keep the frizz away on their long and sleek hair, the best thing to do is to choose pillowcases that are made from silk. Silk reduces the friction between your hair and the pillow cover so less frizz when you wake up. You can also tie your hair in a silk scarf to get the same results.

Take advantage of hair masks. Sometimes, we seldom treat our hair with the care that they need hence we often end up with dry and brittle hair. If you are hoping to enjoy perfect hair days, it is only right that you use hair masks regularly. Hair masks using natural ingredients not only help in repairing damaged hair but can strengthen and improve hair growth. There are different hair masks that you can make based on the needs of your hair such as prevent hair fall, correct split ends, even moisturize and strengthen hair.

Bouncy curls. Curly haired women who would like to give their curls that extra bounce can follow this tip. Wash your hair first then while it is still damp, apply some volumizing mousse to your hair then section it into four afterwards. Wrap them into buns just like you would with undone waves. Let your buns down the following day and run a serum through them to give them that extra bounce and shine.

Heat protector is important. If you are planning on styling your hair using heating tools, make sure that you apply heat protector first. This way, your hair won’t be exposed to too much heat that can fray the strands. It doesn’t matter whether you will straighten, curl, or wave your hair, just apply a heat protector first to avoid damaging your hair too much.

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