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5 Surprising Beauty Hacks You Should Have Known

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Getting your makeup and hair routine down pat may not be that easy especially when there are so many rules to follow but before you despair because of confusion and frustration, there are some beauty hacks that you can try out. The hacks below can help make your life easier so you don’t have to go to the salon to get your hair and makeup done right. So let’s get started.

  • Contouring hack. Contouring is a technique that you need to learn properly so you can apply your makeup correctly. To do this, take a long makeup brush and roll it on your cheeks. If you feel the brush fit on your cheekbone then you have found the hollow of your cheek. Line the brush vertically with the end of the brow. Make sure that your contour should not go beyond the end of your brow. Once you have applied the contour, blend it back towards the hairline and ear.
  • Lip exfoliation hack. You can exfoliate and moisturize your lips using coconut oil on a q-tip. Simply apply the oil onto your lips before your lipstick. Don’t forget to use a lip balmer or lip balm after but don’t worry, your lips will remain smooth and soft thanks to the coconut oil.
  • Curling wand hack. When it comes to hair, there are quite a lot of styling tools to use. If you are after some curls, you will need to use a curling wand. However, most women hold the wand in a vertical position but if you want to create a cool, chic bend on your hair, move your hand so that the curling wand is in a horizontal position. Grab a small 1-inch section of hair. Twist and wrap your hair around the curling wand while it is still in a horizontal position. Hold this for a few seconds before releasing to create soft waves. You can create tighter curls by holding the wand vertically as you wrap your hair around it.
  • Manicure hack. Chipped nail polish can make your nails look ragged and unsightly but if you are pressed for time to redo the whole thing, you will need to find a quick fix and fast. Fortunately, you can disguise the nails with glitter or flakie top coat to cover the chipped ends then finish it with a top coat that dries fast and you’re ready to go. No one is going to be the wiser that your nails are chipped with this easy hack.
  • Low hair bun hack. Women with long hair will find this hack worth taking note of especially when you want to tie your hair in a low bun. The trick here so your bun won’t come loose as the day progresses is to tie two pony tails that are close to one another. Gather the ends of your hair and wrap them around in a bun then secure with bobby pins to prevent them from unraveling.
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