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Makeup Trends Perfect for Fall

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With summer fading to memory and fall is here to stay, it’s time to rethink your makeup and get in with the latest trend. Just because another season is here, it doesn’t mean that you can’t follow the hottest new look when it comes to enhancing your eyes, lips, and cheeks. The good news is that there are plenty of beauty trends that will work perfectly for the fall. It’s just a matter of trying out these tricks to see which one works best for you.

Add an extra blush. Everyone knows that adding that hint of blush is a must regardless of the season but come fall, don’t hesitate to give your cheeks that extra color by adding one more layer of color that is the same shade as the color your cheeks turn to when out in the cold. This will give your cheeks more definition and one that others cannot resist looking at.

Peach lips. Another trend that you will most likely see this fall is peach colored lips. They’re not exactly nude because there is more color and they work nicely when wearing heavy eyeliner. A subtle but dramatic look is guaranteed to be a head turner.

Feathery lashes. The fall season may make you want to stay in bed but there is no excuse for you to look sleepy when you’re out and about. Give your eyes that extra pop by adding a layer of false lashes on your top lash to make your eyes look bigger and more awake. Finish this up with neutral eye makeup to avoid overdoing the final result.

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Going gothic. If you’ve been watching recent fashion shows by important figures in the industry such as Dior and Marni, you will notice that their models are flaunting the modern gothic look. Think deep shades of Bordeaux or plum partnered with flawless looking skin as well as minimal eye makeup and you’ve got an eye-catching look perfect for fall. This is ideal for those women who want to make a statement with their makeup without overdoing it.

A bit of copper for your eye shadow. The smoky look is always a huge favorite by many but this fall, this concept is upgraded by adding a hint of copper shine to your eye shadow. Women with brown eyes will surely rock this look as the copper shimmer will make their eyes more tantalizing.

Matte is back. According to professional makeup artists, red matte lipsticks are making a comeback this fall and because this season is more on adding a more intense shade on the lips you’ll never go wrong with adding this color in your palette. If you don’t have matte lipstick yet, you can still go for creamy lipstick but make sure that it’s not that shiny.

Mixing metallic and matte. Another fall trend that you might want to try out is mixing metallic with matte. Going all metallic can be a bit overwhelming so apply matte on your top lids while delegating the shimmery stuff on the lower lash. This will definitely make your eyes more interesting.

Go red. You probably didn’t see this one coming. Red eye shadow is definitely a keeper when it comes to fall makeup trends. This is best worn without any mascara or eye liner. Keeping your look natural with red eye shadow will definitely give you more room to rock the look.

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As you can see, there are plenty of makeup styles that you can use to make you look amazing this fall. For sure, you will be turning heads when you try these tips out.

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