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Makeup Trends to Watch Out for

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The New Year is just around the corner which means that it is time to get on top the up and coming makeup trends for 2017. 2016 showed some serious changes in the realm of beauty with matte lipstick being the top contender. Will this trend continue next year? Makeup artists were asked what they want to see in 2017 and these are what they had to say.

  • Lip gloss. Lip gloss was put aside in favor for the liquid matte lipstick but several makeup artists want to see this back in the lime light. For them, lip gloss adds that extra shine and youthful look to one’s overall getup which can’t be achieved by lipstick alone. So before you ditch that lip gloss in your drawer, just keep it where it’s at and for sure you’ll be using it more next year.
  • Lips with dimension. It appears that 2017 will bring the bold and dimensional in terms of wearing lipstick as makeup artists in recent fashion shows showed some eye-catching lipsticks with glitters for that extra shine for the models’ pout. Start with a base of satiny lipstick then layered with glitter gloss right smack in the middle of your lips. You’ll definitely give off that striking vibe with your dimensional lips.
  • Blush as eye shadow. A new trend that we will see next year is using blush as eye shadow. According to one makeup artist, pastel colored blush will be applied fully on the eyes as eye shadow by applying with a brush haphazardly to create different dimensions. Afterwards, line the upper lids with dark color to make your eyes pop out more.
  • Retro cheeks. Blushes are coming back big time in 2017 but with a fun twist. Think 80s style where, instead of applying color on the apples of your cheek, you’ll be applying it on the cheekbone area and swiping upwards toward your temples and upper ear. Makeup artists recommend that you choose a softer shade to compliment your overall look.
  • Interrupted liners. Another makeup trend that will be a hit in 2017 is the interrupted liner look. For example, you can line the center of your eyes or go for the degraded bottom lash or any other style as long as you leave the flawless look well enough alone.
  • Glistening, glowing skin. Asian trends are into glistening skin which will be adapted in 2017. You can easily illuminate your skin using illuminating makeup products that are then blended with your foundation or moisturizer. There are three shades that you can choose from such as Seduction with that peach-pearl glow, Champagne that leaves that golden glow, and finally, Whisper which has that pale lilac vibe. The effects vary depending on your skin tone so choose one that works best for you.
  • Pink is in. It appears that pink is going to be the favorite color next year as it is a perfect choice for bare skin. You can apply it dramatically on your eyes, or add some sheer blush on your cheeks, or give your lips that soft luscious pink hue and you’ll be ready to step out of your home any time of the day.
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It’s going to be an exciting 2017 in the world of fashion as there are some pretty interesting makeup trends that we’ll be seeing next year. The ones mentioned above are just for starters so if you want to be in the loop when it comes to what’s in for makeup next year, you can always start with the ones here.

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