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Surprising Places Where Varicose Veins Can Appear

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When varicose veins are mentioned, we think about those blue, purple or red blood vessels that are enlarged and twisting and turning behind the knee, on the calves, near the ankles and feet, too. But did you know that varicose veins can also appear elsewhere on the body and not just the lower half of the legs?

If you are wondering on which areas of the body those unsightly varicose veins may also show up, read on!

On the Bum

The truth is you have probably heard or read about varicose veins on the buttocks so many times in the past, but not realize it because they are called by other names. Sometimes they are referred to by doctors as piles, while other times they are called hemorrhoids.

Piles or hemorrhoids are simply varicose veins that appear in the anal region. In some cases they can be seen around the anus, but there are also instances in which they cannot be observed because they are situated in the rectum, and they’re called internal hemorrhoids. Usually painless, it’s possible for internal hemorrhoids to protrude through the anus to make their presence known. When such happens, they are referred to as prolapsed or protruding hemorrhoids.

In the Vagina

It’s not just on or in the anus that varicose veins may show up, but also in the vagina. According to doctors, the problem is commonly brought about by pregnancy — the increasing size of a fetus in the womb can cause blood to pool in the lower half of the body, and the blood vessels in the vagina can become enlarged.

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Having varicose veins in the vagina is known to cause a lot of discomfort. It is something that’s known to also cause discomfort in rectal region. And because those bulging varicose veins hurt a lot, a woman who has them in the vagina may also end up facing urinary incontinence.

On the Breasts

Women who are susceptible to developing varicose veins may also end up having them on their breasts. Doctors say, however, that women who had breast augmentations or implants are the ones who are more susceptible to having enlarged blood vessels on the breasts, so they should be monitored carefully after undergoing the knife.

Luckily, experts say that there are solutions available for varicose veins on the breasts, although widespread or severe ones may require a series of intensive treatments.

Around the Eyes

Each and every one has blood vessels situated near the eyes. However, they are not really noticeable as they are tucked underneath the skin as well as layers of fat.

In some people, however, those blood vessels near or around the peepers are simply larger or more dilated, and that’s why they become very much visible. Sometimes the problem is brought about by insufficient fat layers. Since the eyes are touted as the windows to the soul, those who have varicose veins around the eyes may feel embarrassed and self-conscious. The good news is the cosmetic problem can be treated, and one way is by having the affected blood vessels closed using laser technique.

On the Hands

Many of us have visible blood vessels on the hands. Some people who are at risk of developing varicose veins may end up having blood vessels in the hands that are more prominent than usual. The problem with having those ugly varicose veins on the hands is it can be extremely challenging to have the issue kept hidden.

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The good news is varicose veins on the hands are pretty much harmless, which means that they are problems that are purely cosmetic in nature.

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