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Second Day Hairstyle

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We love second day hair! It’s still clean and grease free, yet it has enough texture and volume to create beautiful hairstyles. So, go ahead and sleep a little bit more and give your hair a day off from using any products or washing.

Keep your morning stress free, but still be able to look professionally made up. Keep your second day hair and create these easy to do second day hair style.

The Braided Crown

The braided crown is perfect for second day hair, since the hair has more texture and volume. You can use this easy hairstyles for a casual day out or an afternoon date. This amazing hairstyle can make you feel like royalty, but still have that free spirit appearance. Having fly away works for this hair, no need for smoothing it out or using hairspray.

Second Day HairstyleYou can create this hairstyle with the help of some Bobby pins, a hair brush and elastic bands. Part your hair to one side more exaggeratedly than you would normally. Take a two by two sections from this parting and French braid the hair. Incorporate strands from the hair line when braiding. Continue French braiding the hair until your rich your ear. Braid the hair adding in strands from the top of your head and behind the ear. Continue this until you reach the top of your head, the braid should go full circle. Continue braiding the hair when you reach the end and place an elastic band. Pull out strands of the braid to make it appear thicker. You don’t have to worry about making it messy, just make sure that the braid is in place. Tuck in the end of the braid behind the first section of hair you braided. Secure it with a Bobby pin, secure your whole braid by placing Bobby pins all over to prevent it from coming loose. Make sure to hide the Bobby pins or use pins that are the same shade as your hair.

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The Messy Low Bun

This easy everyday hairstyle works particularly well on second day hair. The hair appears more textured and is able to retain its shape better. This is a great style for work or for school you can add more drama to this hairstyle by creating a puff or volume on top of your head or adding in some accessories.

Second Day HairstyleThis style really looks amazing on second day curls, but it still looks amazing if prefer to keep your hair smooth. To create this look you will need Bobby pins, brush or comb and an elastic band. Scrunch up your hair with your fingers to create some texture on the hair. Fix your hair to your ideal parting and take out some hair to frame the face and tie it into a low ponytail. Take your comb or brush and start back combing the pony to add more volume to the bun. Smooth out the outside of the pony and start twisting it into a bun. Create the ideal shape and size of your bun and cup it in your hands against your head. Place the Bobby pins in different directions and angles to keep everything in place. Slowly remove your hand and try shaking your head to see if the bun is firmly in place.

The Over the Shoulder Ponytail

Who doesn’t love a simple yet classy over the shoulder ponytail? It looks classy, fun and is great for any occasion. This pony tail looks great on curled and smooth hair. You can create this look in under five minutes, which is ideal for the woman on the go. You can add more pizzazz to this look by braiding one side of the parting or adding a bold accessory to the pony tail.

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Second Day HairstyleYou’ll only be needing elastic bands and a brush for this easy hair style. Make use of your second day hair and create texture by scrunching it up or applying mousse or dry shampoo for volume. Part your hair to one side and clip your bangs and some hair strands away from the rest of the hair. With a loose hands take all of your hair and tie it in a side pony. Take a small section of hair and wrap it on the elastic band. Avoid smoothing out the hair. Pull out some strand on the back of your head to create a more loose and whimsical hairstyle. Take out your bangs and hair stands and style them accordingly.

These easy to do second day hairstyle can save you time from your morning routines. You can keep your third day hair looking as good as your second day hair by applying texturizer or dry shampoo. One of the best hair look is the second day curls. Simply curl your hair on your wash day and prevent brushing it out. You’ll get soft and textured curls the next day.

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