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Beauty Emergency Kit

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Ever been in a situation that requires the need of some beauty essentials while away from your home? We’ve all gone through our own versions of unprepared moments that need some beauty fixing. We’ve learned through the years that carrying a beauty emergency kit in your bag or in your car can do wonders in times of emergency.

You can create a beauty emergency kit that would perfectly fit your daily need, it can be big or small. It can be a whole suitcase if you’d like. The only point of creating this kit was to help us be prepared for moments that may arise. It won’t really take a lot of effort to create this bag and most of the basic items for it can be easily found in your home. The items you’ll need are very basic and necessary for daily emergency.

Having a beauty emergency kit is great for women on the go and for dedicated mothers. You’ll be ready and calm for most situations!

Here are some beauty emergency kit with items you can put in your kit.

Safety Pin or Double Sided Tape

This is for all those unanticipated wardrobe malfunctions. From quick fixes to loose hems to missing buttons and more. There are also other uses for safety pins. You can use this to replace broken zippers and keep papers in place. Double sided tape is great when strapless bras or low cut shirts are getting in the way.

Hair Band

Always keep a hair band handy, especially for those hot summer days when you really need to put your hair up. Admit it, you always tend to forget to bring a hair band when you go out and tend to borrow from a friend. Which you usually forget to give back, it’s not really a big deal, but it can turn into a bad habit.

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Portable Tooth Brush and Tooth Paste

This is for the moments when you really need to stay at work or have a spontaneous trip. It’s not a big deal to not wash your hair for a day, but missing on a day of oral hygiene is another thing.

Band Aids

Beauty Emergency Kit

Band aids are a must when it comes to your beauty emergency kit. Not only is it useful for small cuts and scrapes. You can also use it for those cold days you’ve decided to go bra less.


Bring two shades of lipstick. One bold red lipstick and one neutral everyday lipstick. This is for those day to night lipstick. Never underestimate a power of a good lipstick.

A Reliable Makeup Kit

Keep all your makeup essentials handy in your makeup kit. Place in a good eyebrow pencil, mascara, eyeshadow pallet, lipstick, blush and eyeliner.

Accent Accessories

Always keep one accent piece in your car in case you need to add drama and glamour to your look. This is a simple way to add some style to everyday clothes without adding too much.

Dental Floss

Remember that day where you got something stuck between your teeth and you just can’t seem to get it out. This left over food bothered you’re the whole day until you got it removed right? Always be ready for any dental floss emergency by keeping one handy. You can also use dental floss to fix broken notebook springs or remove stuck rings.

Clear Nail Polish

Beauty Emergency Kit

Clear nail polish can be a huge life saver for beauty emergencies. You can use a clear coat of nail polish to prevent stockings form running. You can also use it to add extra shine and protection to jewelry. Add shine to dull fingernails with this polish.

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Wet Wipes

Never leave your home without wet wipes. This beauty emergency kit item is for women and men for all ages. It can help clean up the mess, freshen you up, sanitize surfaces, remove stains in clothes and of course for bathroom purposes.

Feminine Products

Keep feminine wash, pads and tampons handy. There will always be this kind of emergency, it’s best to be ready for it. Even if you’re ready and have one in your purse, it’s always good to have a backup. This is also great for helping other women in need.

Extra Undergarments

Bring a pair of undergarments in your beauty emergency kit. This could be used for a quick change or for wardrobe problems.

Lighter or Matchbook

Beauty Emergency Kit

What would a lighter do with your beauty emergency kit? Well, it’s mainly for assurance. You will never know the situations you might face. It’s always good to have a source of light or heat handy.

Are you ready for emergency beauty situations that may arise? There seems to be a lot of items on the list, but it is still in your hands to put them in your bag or kit. You’ll never know what beauty emergency can happen and it is best to be prepared. You can create two beauty emergency bag, one you can keep in your purse or one that you can keep in your car. There will be situations that you aren’t able to go home to get these items, it would be a hassle to go out and buy one when it’s an emergency. There are a lot of other items that we didn’t mention such as deodorants, aspirins and more. It is yours to decide what you choose to put in your kit. Always try to keep a beauty emergency kit handy. Do you have your own kit?

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