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Plants that Boost Wellness

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Did you know that taking advantage of Mother Nature’s bounty can help us achieve wellness? As a matter of fact, ancient folk remedies made use of plants in treating various ailments since modern medicine hasn’t been discovered as of yet. Today, people are seeing the value of trying plants to enhance their overall wellness which you too can make use of, before resorting to other treatments. Here are a few plant remedies that you can use to boost your wellness.


The mention of the word capsicum will almost always bring chili peppers to mind which is not surprising given that capsicum is the one that brings heat to your taste buds when you bite into one. It has also been found to soothe any aches and pains that you may feel in your body, especially when you apply it topically.

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Aloe vera

Another plant that can help with your overall wellness is aloe vera which contains gel-like substances inside the leaves. The gel can be used as an exfoliator, salve for burns and wounds, and even improve digestion too. What’s nice about aloe vera is that they’re not hard to grow, as long as there is enough light to spare.


If you are having a hard time sleeping at night, valerian is a good choice to help you sleep because it works as a sedative. Those who are taking valerian may be able to sleep longer, because it prevents you from waking up during the night. Although studies are still being conducted on how valerian actually works, it is possible that it raises your GABA levels which promote a sense of calm.

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This plant is typically associated with Christmas because they tend to be sold during the holidays when they are mostly in bloom. What’s nice about the amaryllis is that you can grow it indoors and it comes in a variety of colors too. Once it flowers, it can be a good decorative plant in your home which can brighten your space.


Women who often experience cramps during their period should include parsley as part of their diet because it helps alleviate the pain that comes with your menstrual period. Another benefit of parsley is that it can reduce bloating because it acts as a mild diuretic too. If you want some relief from your PMS symptoms, parsley is your best bet.

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