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Quick Tips On How To Play The Guitar for Beginners

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Playing the guitar is an effective way of promoting emotional and intellectual wellness. Music is undeniably one of the most important parts of daily life. We find inspiration in music. Learning how to play musical instrument allows us to enrich ourselves and gives us the motivation to try out positive things in life. For those looking into learning the guitar, being a beginner is exciting and challenging at the same time.

There will also be moments when beginners get bored with their usual guitar lessons. They’ll make personal excuses on why they have to skip practicing and do other activities. This is very typical among teenagers. To avoid this kind of problem, here are some positive motivational tips we hope will make it really easy and fast for you to play and master guitar playing.

  • Be Easy On Yourself

This is one tip that any starting guitar student should know. Foundation and principles are quite easy to learn. It’s just going to be a matter of memorization and your ability to recognize the parts and words most commonly used by guitarists. The hard part is when you start practice with playing guitar chords. I also used to dread this part of my beginner course, but one thing I learned is that I don’t have to get it right the first time. If you still can’t seem to press your fingers at the right spots, just let it be. It really takes time for some people to get the chords right during the first few days of practice.

  • Slowly Enhance Your Overall Guitar Skills Through Finger Exercises

Amateurs seem to miss the concept of how important hand and finger workouts are. This is why beginners tend to slack off and get tired of practicing more complicated chords. They give you a great amount of strain and discomfort while playing. Practice with five to ten-minute intervals. If you feel pain in your fingers let it rest for a while massaging them. Be careful not to put too much pressure when your massaging them. Just let your hands “breathe” for a while so you don’t get too stressed with continuous practice.

  •  Focus On One Skill At A Time

It’s great if you can practice multiple guitar skills in one sitting, but this is just impossible to accomplish for beginners. Don’t pressure yourself to master the chords of a song when you’re a beginner. Always start with practicing individual chords first before putting them together in a song. You are expected to master your guitar chords after two weeks. Try practicing one type of guitar chord per day. It sounds like a bit slow, but then again you will be sure that you’ve nailed playing that chord precisely. Precision is one quality that you’d want to possess if you want to be known as a great guitar player someday.

  • Start With A Pick In Between Your Finger

Don’t use your fingers directly on the strings when playing. It’s really going to turn red and painful if you make this a habit. Always be handy with guitar picks. It lessens your chances of getting those uncomfortable blisters due to prolonged practice or guitar playing. It’s harder when you start with a pick that’s already a given. Once you get used to playing with a pick, it’s easier for you to transition from playing an acoustic to an electric guitar.

  •  Stick To Your Unique Guitar Style

You don’t have to play like your instructor. The guitar style that you will play for many years will sound distinctly your own. You’ll find that some skills can be accomplished without having to do it as exact as your instructors would say it should be. Create your own style in picking and playing notes.

  •  Space Your Guitar Practice

If you’re on a deadline on your guitar lessons, then I can probably tell you that you’re doomed. Unless you have a concert to perform at in a month, you don’t have to worry. You can practice as an amateur four times at the most. When you’re already good at your skills, you’ll find yourself increasing the days of your practice and even the frequency of playing the guitar increased or longer throughout a day.

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These are practical ways on how you can silence that voice inside you telling you to quit on your guitar playing. Learn to discipline yourself as well. Becoming efficient on how to play the guitar is not enough for you to become a great guitarist someday. You have to be really patient and determined because becoming the master of your guitar is a long-term vocation.

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