Helpful Tips to Prevent Hair Damage in Summer

There are many reasons why our hair gets damaged, from the constant use of hair styling tools, to poor hair care routine, even exposing ourselves to the sun can contribute to the problem. Most of...

What Your Hair Problems Mean

You’ve probably experienced having bad hair days from time to time, and although this may distress you, especially when you need to go out, if this happens frequently, your hair may be telling you something...

Hair Care Mistakes You Need to Stop Doing

Our hair adds to our overall look and which means that we need to take steps to ensure that our mane looks healthy all the time. Of course, there will be bad hair days,...

Best Homemade Hair Care Women Should Know

We all wish we could maintain beautiful and strong hair all the time, but with our busy schedules and almost non-existent hair care routine, we often end up with a mane that needs more...

Tips on How to Care for Your Long Hair

Having lengthy locks may make you feel more confident with the way you look, but if you think that maintaining your thick mane is easier than having short hair, you might be surprised to find...

Hair Essentials for Radiant Hair

Your hair plays a role to your overall look regardless of how short or long you wear yours. That being said, you’ve probably switched hair products one too many times because you’re still figuring out...

Hair Masks to Try for Your Colored Hair

Dyeing your hair is a huge commitment to make especially when it means that you will be a sporting new look for months and having to maintain it once the roots start to show....

Hacks on How to Hide Your Greasy Hair

Having greasy hair from time to time happens even to the best of us, and although you wish to prolong your blowout for a few more days, or you find yourself pressed for time...

Lesser-Known Home Remedies for Itchy Scalp

The problem with your scalp is it could end up itchy no matter if it's excessively dry or extremely oily. Regardless of the case, oftentimes the problem is brought about by matters such as...

Habits That Can Cause Hair Loss

According to health experts, hair loss can run in families. However, don't be too quick to blame your parents if it seems like you are losing a lot of hair —  sometimes you're the one...

Deep Conditioning Hacks to Try

Our hair may become starved for moisture from time to time, what with the constant exposure to environmental factors, styling tools, and even the hair products that we use. Add to this the fact that...

Tips on How to Keep Hair Healthy in Winter

Winter is not just harsh on your skin, but your hair can get affected too. Exposing your mane to the cold, dry air, every day can leave your hair looking and feeling dehydrated, making...




Ways to Lose More Weight When Walking

Walking is the most popular form of exercise for any age group. We walk every day and we use this method of transportation to...