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Health Benefits of Drinking Gyokuro

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In Japan, gyokuro is considered as one of the most premium teas around. Because it boasts of superb quality, it doesn’t come as a shock why it’s not cheap. For proponents, the steep price of gyokuro is very much worth it because of its amazing flavor, unforgettable fragrance and incredible health benefits.

Also known as “jade dew” or “pearl dew”, gyokuro is a fine Japanese tea because of the special processing it has to go through before hitting the market. For instance, it is harvested from certain plantations only — and this is done only once a year! What’s more, the plants are shielded from the sun, which is a rather difficult process, several days prior to being harvested. It’s something that boosts gyokuro’s L-theanine, an amino acid that makes tea so good for you.

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L-theanine not only makes gyokuro highly beneficial, but taste wonderful as well. It’s something that increases the umami taste of the prized Japanese tea, plus it also adds a dash of sweetness to it.

However, it’s not just the amazing flavor gyokuro that is worth mentioning, but also the many different health benefits that it offers. Since it’s a type of tea that has undergone all sorts of special traditional processing, being good for regular consumption is granted. And what are reasons for you to try drinking gyokuro? Here are some of them:

It Makes You Alert

Gyokuro contains caffeine, which is a well-known stimulant. This is the reason why the consumption of this fine Japanese tea can cause mental alertness. However, unlike coffee and energy drinks, gyokuro won’t make you feel edgy. That’s because the L-theanine it contains offers some relaxing benefits.

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It Helps Lower Stress Levels

Speaking of relaxing benefits, gyokuro is the perfect drink to go for if you are leading a very stressful life. It’s for the fact that the impressive amounts of L-theanine in it can help in bringing down your stress levels. As a result, you will find it easier to dodge the complications of chronic stress — there are many and a lot of them can be serious!

It Encourages Weight Loss

Numerous weight loss supplements on the current market cause fat burning because of EGCG, which is a compound found in green tea. Well, there’s EGCG present in gyokuro, too. This only means that consuming the premium Japanese tea on a regular basis can help keep your metabolism running.

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It Leaves You Energetic

With your metabolism constantly kicking, lots of energy is produced. As a result, you will find it easier to cope with the fact that you are living in a fast paced world. During your break from your loads of office or home tasks, drinking gyokuro can help your body generate all the energy that it needs in order to keep on going.

It Slows Down Aging

Are you a beauty-conscious individual? Then you should definitely get your hands on gyokuro tea! It’s for the fact that this tea from Japan is loaded with antioxidants that effectively neutralize excess free radicals. As a result, the aging process of the skin is considerably lowered, fending off wrinkle formation.

It Also Controls Inflammation

Gyokuro’s anti-inflammatory properties can help protect you against joints that are achy and swollen. However, there are so many other benefits that you can obtain by keeping at bay inflammation, which scientists say can be blamed for the development of a lot of scary health problems, from osteoporosis, heart disease to cancer.

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It Keeps Your Smile Intact

Dental experts say that something as simple as drinking gyokuro on a regular basis can help in making your pearly whites strong, courtesy of the tea’s fluoride content. Also, the Japanese beverage can help promote optimum gum health and fresh breath, thanks to its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties.

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