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Metallic Nail Designs for 2018

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The New Year is finally here and with it comes new trends in fashion, hair, makeup, and nails. You’re probably one of those people who want to stay updated when it comes to their overall look which means that you also need to consider what is in when it comes to your nail designs. From what we have seen in many fashion shows recently, we have spotted several models sporting metallic designs to their nails. Well, there is no denying the lure of such striking palette on the nails so why not try them out yourself this 2018? Here are a few metallic nail designs that you might want to start with.

Orange and Pink Metallic Nail Design

The beauty of using metallic nail polish is that it gives a new dimension to your nails. Try this fun combination that will look very feminine on you. You will need some orange, pink, and fuchsia nail polish and some gold strips. Start with the base coat then apply two thin strips of gold on your fingernails. These strips will help separate the colors on your nails. Start with the orange nail polish on the space near the cuticle bed followed by light pink for the middle nail. The edge of the nails should be painted fuchsia for that striking color. Wait for the polish to dry before applying top coat.

Silver Metallic Nail Design

If you want to give your outfit the oomph it needs to really stand out from the crowd, pair your black and white outfit with silver metallic nails. This is a no fuss nail design that will definitely turn heads with every wave of your hands. You will need to look for silver metallic nail polish which you should apply on your nails after the base coat. Allow the polish to dry before applying top coat and you are good to go.

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French Mani with Single Metallic Nail

For those who aren’t ready to go full metallic this year, you can still add this nail art to your list of nail art designs to try. You can start with doing a French manicure on four of your nails leaving one to be the center of attention. This nail is for your choice of metallic nail polish. You can opt for silver or gray metallic nail polish to complement the white ends of your nails.

Metallic Grey Nail Design

If you are looking for a metallic nail art that is subtle in its beauty then the metallic grey nail design is a good idea to try. After applying your base coat, apply the metallic gray nail polish on all of your nails and allow them to dry. Now apply a thin strip of gold at least a third of your nail near the edge. Apply glitter nail polish on the ends of your nails then allow to dry. Use top coat to seal in the colors.

Metallic Blue Nail Design

Simplicity is the key when it comes to metallic nail polish and one idea to try is to use metallic blue on your nails. Of course, it’s kind of boring when you just paint your nails with a single color so why not break the design with some gold strips? Apply the thin gold strips anywhere on your nails as long as they are uniform in height. This will give your nails that extra edge you are looking for. 

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Wearing metallic nail polish on your nails can be a fun way to make a stamp on your 2018. The best part is that you can have fun with the nail designs that you like and even mix and match with other nail art too.

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