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Wellness Trends to Consider for 2019

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The wellness industry is growing significantly every year and it seems that it will not be stopping any time soon, given that people are now more aware of how wellness has transformed their lives for the good. For sure, you’ve come across fat fasting, keto diets, reiki facials and the like, but if you think the health and wellness circles are done, there will always be something new that will crop up.

That being said, it appears that there will be new trends that are appearing already. Here are a few that are worth mentioning.

Bunda classes

This crazy new workout is more on toning, lifting, and sculpting one’s butt. A typical class is divided into two where the first part involves the use of StairMaster, and the other half involves bands and bungees that will force your glutes and leg muscles to work as you perform squats, lunges, and other exercises.

Legalization of anti-inflammatory hemp

This has always been a hot topic in many legislative bodies but it appears that this year, a new legislation will be making CBD available nationwide which means that companies will be incorporating this ingredient into their products for health purposes.

Energy treatments

It seems that energy healing sessions will still be in demand today as it was last year. The goal here is to remove anything that is blocking our energies to help revitalize our overall well-being. The combination of reiki as well as meditation has been proven to be effective in this regard.

Marine phytoplankton

Going green is taken to a whole new level as the consumption of marine phytoplankton is believed to provide our bodies with high amounts of antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acid, and a host of vitamins and minerals. If you don’t know what phytoplankton is, it is basically a type of seaweed that serves as food for marine life. NASA has referred to it as one of the most important foods in the planet, and it seems that celebrities are going gaga over it.

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Oat milk

What else can you expect this year? Those that are avoiding dairy as part of their diet may find that oat milk is a good alternative to try. It adds that certain creaminess to your coffee without you having to worry about calorie content.

These are just a few wellness trends that we can expect to see this year. And perhaps new ones will be appearing soon.

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