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Beauty Trends to Watch Out For in 2019

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There is no stopping the beauty industry from churning out new products every year, which is why people are tuning to the latest buzz to get their hands on the newest trends in makeup. Nowadays, it seems that companies are focusing on sustainability, inclusion, and diversity. So, what can expect this year? Let’s find out!

Sun-kissed skin is still in

Ever since the orange blush hit the scene, a lot of women went gaga over it which isn’t surprising given that this achieves that natural glow on your skin. Mix your bronzer with some orange blush and what you’ll get is that popular beach look. Fortunately, this look isn’t going anywhere this year.

Beauty routines will be more streamlined

This year, makeup routines will be more streamlined compared to before. Koreans have this 10-step routine, but it seems that beauty experts will be aiming for a more minimalist routine by using beauty products that have several functions.

Pantone is in

You’ve heard it right! Pantone is one of the beauty trends that will be making a huge splash this year. Women will sure to be flocking to salons to get their hair done in different shades of rose or crimson.

Beauty and healthy will mix even more

In 2018, wellness and beauty campaigns have begun to create awareness that it’s not just what you apply on your skin that matters, but also what you consume too. Customers are seeing the value of having good health as a necessary part in their beauty regimen and this will continue this year too.

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Baby bangs

Who would have thought that bangs, that is baby bangs, will be part of the trend this year? If you are feeling hesitant playing with your hair, getting baby bangs may give you that sweeter look too. Check out Emma Watson’s baby bangs look for some inspiration.

Capsules and ampoules will be more in demand

Another thing that you’ll notice more in the market is that there will be more capsules and ampoules appearing. This is because customers are looking for airtight formulas that they can use on their skin. Ampoules are vials that are packed individually that contain the exact dosage of nutrients such as vitamin C, E, and the like that can be applied on the skin. Even capsules will be incorporated in many beauty routines this year.

Less sparkly highlights

Highlighting products became one of the stars of last year’s beauty trends, and if you think that it will not go any further, it seems that there will be dewier and less sparkly highlighting products that will appear this year. More glow, less sparkling!

Skin microbiome is in

More attention will be given to skin microbiome this year, as more people become open to the effects of good and bad bacteria to our health. It seems that this year, beauty experts will make great strides in incorporating the presence of probiotics in skincare as they are formulated to meet the demands of the customers.

Bright red lippies

Another possible beauty trend to expect this year is the appearance of bright red lips that have that satin or even shiny finish. Skip the dry look when it comes to your lipstick.

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Personal facial tools will be advanced

Facial tools that are used at-home will go big this year as more people will be investing on skin care. Massage devices, derma rollers, and even facial steamers will gain more attention this year especially now that they have improved a lot.

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