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Diet Rules to Minimize Fibroid Growth

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There is a high percentage of women who have to deal with the appearance of fibroids by the time they reach the age of 50. Statistics show that about 70% of white women and around 80% to 90% of African American women have this. Surprisingly, only a handful know about this statistic. What’s more, most women are not really aware that there is a link between uterine fibroids and their physical activity, diet, and stress. The problem with fibroid is that it is often accompanied by pain as well as a lot of health issues that you are going to deal with. How can you handle this problem then? Well, you can start with changing your diet and these rules to follow.

Maximize consumption of hormone balancing foods

High levels of estrogen can cause an imbalance in your hormones which can increase your risk from fibroids. However, it has been found that the same thing can happen when you are low on estrogen. The best approach would be to reduce the amount of estrogen in your body by losing weight as well as adding more foods that are rich in fiber. Adding hormone balancing foods to your diet such as vegetables and fruits can also be good for your overall health.

Unprocessed grains

Another food that you can add to your diet that can help reduce the presence of fibroids is unprocessed grains. Foods that are rich in starch, such as white foods, tend to raise your insulin production which can affect the metabolism of estrogen. Unfortunately, this can increase your risk of fibroids. Choosing unprocessed grains is considerably better since they can improve your uterine and prevent growth of fibroids too. Whole grains can help too as they are high in antioxidants and can even reduce your glycemic index to normal levels.

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Remove food allergens

To reduce fibroid growth, it will help if you reduce food allergens in your diet. You see, when your body reacts to something that you have eaten, there will be inflammation that will not go away. This can increase your risk of fibroid growth in your uterus. There are many ways for you to eliminate food allergens from your diet starting with elimination diet. Introduce one food at a time to your diet to see if there is any reaction on your part.

Add beans and lentils

When it comes to reducing the size of fibroid growth, adding beans and lentils to your diet is going to be an advantage for you. Aside from being low in calories, they are also high in fiber which is useful if you are trying to lose weight. What’s more, these legumes are low in glycemic index which means that they don’t impact your blood sugar levels very much. Studies show that changing your carbohydrates from white foods to legumes such as beans and lentils can have a positive effect to your fibroids. The best part is that you can prepare them in any way you like so you’ll have a good meal with them.

Improve immune system

If you want to stop fibroids from growing in your uterus, your first line of defense will be improving your immune system. This means that you need to add exercise to your daily regimen, quit your smoking and drinking alcohol, as well as sticking to a healthier diet where fruits, vegetables, and other healthy options are present. The more you take care of your body, the better it will be able to stop growth of fibroids in your uterus.

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