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7 Beauty Hacks Every Teen Must Know

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Teens are in the experimental stage where they are trying out new stuff from trending haircuts, to finding their own style with their wardrobe, and even mixing and matching makeup products to look better. This is not surprising as teens are more conscious of how they look at this stage and will be experimenting on how they will be more confident. But relying on beauty products alone won’t suffice especially when their allowance won’t cover the pricier beauty items. What’s more, time can prevent them from going all out with their morning rituals but there are shortcuts or hacks that will help in making you look your best. Here are a few beauty hacks that every teen should know of.

1.Baking soda

Baking soda is a staple in many kitchens as it works wonder in terms of cleaning your space. But did you know that you can also use this product to extend your blow out for another day? Just sprinkle a small amount of baking soda in your favorite shampoo so that, when you use your shampoo, you will be able to break down whatever hair products are making your hair look dull and limp. This will help you skip a day of washing because your hair is still clean.

2.Band-aid for cute mani

Teens are sure to start experimenting with their nails as soon as they reach high school. They usually wear their nail polish as some form of statement which is not that bad. Of course, if you’ve run out of ideas, or haven’t bought your new nail art tool just yet, band aids will suffice in making those polka dots on your nails. Choose your base color first then, once it has dried, place the strip of band aid on your nail then paint it with a complementary color. Allow the nail polish to dry before removing the band aid. Finish it off with a top coat.

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3.Tea tree and lemon scrub

Another beauty hack that will give you beautiful skin on your face and body is this DIY tea tree oil and lemon scrub. You will need brown sugar, baking soda, raw sugar, extra virgin olive oil, tea tree oil, honey, lemon and storage jars. Get a mixing bowl and put all the sugars in it. Add the oil then mix until the oil covers the sugar. This protects the sugar from breaking down when you introduce honey and lemon juice. Add the baking soda then mix once more. Pour the tea tree oil and honey into the mix. The lemon juice should be added last. Expect some bubbles to form which is normal. Transfer the contents in your storage jars and use them as scrubs.

4.Coffee grinds

Another quick exfoliating ingredient to use is coffee grinds. Just mix some coffee grinds with your body wash and scrub it gently on your skin. The rough texture of the coffee grinds will help remove the dead skin cells so you will have smooth skin afterwards.

5.Elmer’s glue

Shaky hands can be blamed for those smudges when applying manicure. If you are tired of having to clean up the mess, apply some Elmer’s glue around your cuticle edges before applying your manicure. Remove the glue afterwards and your nails will look like they have been done by a pro!

6.School ID

Using mascara can take some time to get used to and if you often leave smudges under your bottom lashes, it’s time to use this beauty hack. Get your school ID and place it below your lower lids then apply mascara as usual. Any smudges will be transferred on the ID instead of your skin. Don’t forget to wipe your ID after.

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7.Mascara as liner

Can’t find your eyeliner? Well, if you brought your mascara with you then you are in luck. You just need a brush to apply the mascara as liner on your lash line. Complete your look with a bit of mascara to make your lashes appear fuller and you’re done.

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