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Vaginal Hygiene to Remember

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There are a lot of articles telling you about how you can increase your sex drive, feeling sexy or reinvigorating your bedroom sparks. But how many articles are there telling you how to properly care for your ho-ha or not even taking care of it, an article about your vagina that has nothing to do with intercourse? Yeah, there are a few online that can give great advices and tips, but there isn’t a lot. The vagina is a sexual organ, but it is also where you give birth. If you ever have an embarrassing question about your sexual health that you are too embarrassed to talk to your doctor about, don’t. You may scan through the internet all you want, but the best opinion you can still get is from your doctor. Something a little less serious is vaginal hygiene, like your whole body your vagina requires proper cleanliness.

So, let’s start from the basic. What is vaginal hygiene? How many times should you clean it? What should I be using to clean it? How do I know something is wrong?

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Vaginal hygiene is an important to our overall health, besides our mouth, this is the other area where we eh-em share with other people. Making it prone to infection and bacteria. Though, an important thing you have to know about your vagina is that is it self-cleaning. This might seem impossible to believe since there are thousands of products that can clean it. These products are mostly there to alter the natural state and smell of our vagina not clean it the way we think. This is mostly a marketing game to make us buy something that we don’t really need. You’ll notice that some of these products say that they can balance out the pH balance in our nether regions, and this is actually one of the main purpose of these products. Some people suffer from a pH imbalance in their vagina, causing serious health and skin risk, making them a viable consumer of these products. If you are someone who doesn’t experience this, the best possible is to go all natural and avoid any chemical substance.

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If your vagina smells, you should know that most people do. This is mostly caused by an internal change in your body. You can mask these smell by using clean underwear, washing with water and making sure to wipe yourself dry before putting back your underwear. Wiping – Make sure to wipe yourself from front to back, like the key rule when going number 2. You don’t want the bacteria from your butt and vagina to go near your urethra. This can give you an infection such as UTI.

Toys – An important tip for adventurous people is to please never ever use your toys for the same hole. You don’t want the bacteria from your but to go to your vagina and vice versa. This may seem like a hassle, but trust us, this is the most hygienic thing to do. This also goes for hands, if you’re going to use both entry point assign one hand for each. This also goes for your partner, if you plan to play it up, remove your protection and use a new one when changing entry.

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Scented Soaps – The vaginal area is self-cleaning, but the outer area of your private part is not. The vulva and labia may require a little bit of help from cleaning agents such as soaps and cleaners. Though, using perfume or scented products can alter your balance. It’s best to use unscented soaps and cleansers, this goes to your vaginal sprays, deodorant and wipes.

Douching – the process of douching is incredibly bad for your vaginal hygiene. The cleaning out your vaginal canal can mess up your natural pH balance and flush out the good bacteria in your vagina that will help you fight off the bacteria in your canal. If you start to experience unpleasant vaginal odor after douching, go to your doctor immediately to find the cause.

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Swapping Condoms – Penetrative sex will bring viruses and bacteria from your partner and your environment to enter your body. Condoms are important to protect you from sexually transmitted diseases and infection. One of the important, thing about condoms is that you have to switch it out after your session if you plan to go round to or going for some butt play. If you leave it on, this can cause bacteria to enter your vagina. This may lead to infection that may lead to a STD.

The bottom line when it comes to vagina is that is a complicated organ and require a lot of maintenance. What you need to know that your vagina isn’t as dirty as you think. Keep it simple and do a simple wash and wipe a few times a day to keep it clean and healthy.

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