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Tips to Run Faster

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Do you like running? Want to beat your personal record? Do you want to graduate from walking to jogging? Increasing your speed isn’t as easy as you think. Simply wanting to become faster won’t cut it. It will take a lot of time, dedication and ability to break out from your regular day to day routine. This will require you to get out of your comfort zone. Don’t suddenly run the other way, it’s not as bad as you think. Yes, it will take a lot of time and effort, but this isn’t boot camp. We won’t require you to climb a wall or crawl to barb wires. This can be a fun experiment where you can speed train and get more in tuned with your running.

Speed training can require a bit of sprinting, sled pulls and resistance harness running. All these training may not seem to be in tune with running, but according popular speed trainers; these work out can definitely improve your running speed. Exercises that can improve your flexibility, endurance coordination and strength; will surely improve your speed.

We all go through a phase of the running rut, this where we feel like that, our speed goal seems too far to reach or the idea of running becomes too much of a burden. We should learn to push through this rut and for small changes to properly head in the right direction.

Below are some tips and drills to help you speed up or learn to reach your running goals.

Leaner Body

If you start to aim for a leaner body, you will start to lose fat and be able to gain muscle. Your muscle will be able to help propel you into a faster speed, allow you to make better turns and you reduce resistance. You can do a body composition test to find out your total body fat, this type of exams can be done in most training facilities and gyms. Once you find out about your total body fat, you’ll know about the percentage of your fat and muscle in your body. This helps you start in the right direction of getting leaner. You can start this by cross training, eating healthier foods and focusing on muscle gain.

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Mobility Training

There is a lot to say when it comes to stretching before your workout. Some people believe that this can actually slow you down, while some believes that stretching will prevent you from getting cramps. Though, experts will agree that adding mobility training will help improve your running performance. Doing the same motions will cause your body to tighten, this in turn will reduce your speed and flexibility. Mobility training such as stretching, yoga, Pilates and foam running can help you optimize your sprint mechanics. Runners that lack flexibility will limit their speed and your body’s ability to develop.

High Knees

Performing high knees at least 2 a week can help with coordination and form. These movements will allow your feet and knees with the proper movement for walking. Moving your knees with the propelling motion will help with the pushing off motion from the ground and allow your knees to coordinate with this motion, improving agility and speed. High knees will also give your lighter feet and proper arm swing give you the proper running form.


Sprinting works with high and low intensity, speed that can help build up endurance and speed. There is a lot of sprint workout you can try to make this work out adjust to your skill level. This alternate jogging and sprinting can help runners improve their pace throughout a race or marathon. This will also allow you to find the right window where you can reduce your pace.

Resistance Harness

The name of this exercise may seem a bit tough and scary, but it’s not. This exercise gives your body the intensity and power training it requires to give you more speed. Adding more weight of your body as you run will cause your body to work harder, this in turn will increase your endurance, speed and muscle growth. This will also help lighten your body, improving your running form and speed. You can perform resistance training with weights, parachutes or with a partner.

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An important part of improving your speed is consistency. If you work out properly and avoid skipping your training, then you’ll surely improve your speed. It’s also important to give your body time to rest and recover.

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