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Cheap Storage Hacks for Women Who Love Makeup

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It’s not surprising that your dresser drawer or your vanity will be filled with makeup products. After all, who could resist those new shades of lipstick, or those creams that seem to make your skin look smooth and naturally glowing. For sure, you’ve bought most of the makeup brushes that you can get your hands on and let’s not forget those interesting makeup tools that are being promoted online. The problem, however, is that you might end up with plenty of clutter on your table that make it difficult to find what you need. Throwing them in a box is not going to make things easier so why not take a look at these cheap storage hacks for your beauty products?

Organized drawer

Putting all of your makeup stuff in a drawer certainly clears up your vanity table but if you are not going to organize them, you’re just wasting your time. Look for tiny baskets that you can actually place inside your drawers so you can organize your makeup accordingly. This way, it will be easier for you to find what you need in a jiffy.

Glass boxes

Sometimes, putting your makeup on display in your bedroom can be a sight for sore eyes so make your space a bit more glamorous by using glass boxes or decorative boxes to store your makeup. Arrange them on your vanity set and you’ll definitely enjoy your morning ablutions with your space clutter free.

Magnetic boards

See that blank space on your bedroom wall? Why not utilize it to store your makeup products? You’ve probably seen magnetic boards being used in kitchen spaces to store ingredients like herbs and spices. Apply that same concept with your makeup and you will definitely free up space while adding a fun decoration on your bedroom wall. Just buy some magnet boards and magnets to place on your makeup products and just put them up on the board and you’re done.

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Hanging organizers

Another smart solution to organizing your makeup without spending a lot of money is to buy a clear, hanging shoe organizer. Place it near your mirror so you will have easy access to it. The compartments can hold all the smaller makeup products that you have and since it is made of clear plastic, it will be easier for you to find the ones that you need immediately.

Mason jar wall-mount

If you are handy with hardware tools, then you’ll love making this makeup organizer. You will need a wall mount, some clamps, and mason jars. Remove the lids of the jars and use the clamps to hold the jars in place. Mount them on the board that you have installed near your vanity and make sure that the clamps are secured properly. And that’s it. Place your makeup brushes, lipsticks, and the like and you’ll have a clutter free room.

Decorative planter pot

You don’t really have to spend a lot just to organize your makeup products because those cheap decorative planter pots can be of use too. This goes well with those who are living in tight spaces as these planter pots come in a variety of sizes and colors too.

Tiered makeup stand

Convert that old cupcake tier that you have into a makeup holder in your bedroom and you’ll have less clutter to worry about. Not only that, it will add a decorative atmosphere on your vanity table too. 

As you can see, organizing your makeup products is not that hard to do and won’t cost you a pretty penny as well. For sure, you will come up with some amazing ideas yourself now that your imagination is let loose.

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