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This Dangerous and Controversial Beauty Trend May Leave You Blind

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A dangerous and controversial beauty trend may leave you blind. Let’s find out more about this and how this could be blinding you?

The popularity of Japanese Anime has resulted to lots of fans and cosplay players alike to wear their own “Anime-Style Eyes”. Circle contact lenses or cosmetic contact lenses that comes in different colors can make the eye’s iris appear larger.

But sporting this anime look comes with a high risk. Since you don’t need a prescription and this can be purchase online and what more? It comes in different colors such as brown, red pink, violet, etc.



How is this dangerous?

The American Optometric Association of the contact lens and cornea’s section explained that prescription-less contact lenses or ill-fitting lenses can deprive the eye of oxygen that may lead to serious eye damage. This may even result to blindness.

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Experts and doctors further say that unsupervised use of circle lenses may lead to problems like damage to vision, eye infections and even blindness. It can even lead to vision loss within 24 hours from an infection as stated by a doctor from the New York’s Montefiore Medical Centre in New York.

Doctors are warning the public that contact lenses should only be purchased and used after an optician has approved a prescription.

So before jumping into the bandwagon with this fashion trend proceed with caution.

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