Have You Heard About the Rainbow Diet?

Some diets out there are perfect for those who wish to shed off unwanted body pounds. Others appeal more to those who wish to stay in the pink of health by lowering their risk...

Water-Rich Foods You Should Be Eating Now

Hydration is essential to our day-to-day lives as it not only keeps our energy levels up, but it also helps cleanse the body of any toxins that may be interfering with your immune system and...

Celery Juice is Trending, But Should You Really Drink It?

If you are following lots of health-conscious individuals — celebrities and ordinary people alike — on Instagram, then it's not unlikely for your Instagram feed to be showcasing lots and lots of photos of...

Detox Water Ideas for a Refreshing Cleanse

Have you ever felt that you are feeling a bit bloaty or heavy in the middle lately? It may be that your digestive system is starting to hiccup because of all the toxins in...

Healthier Alternatives to Fat-Burning Pills

Fat burners, just like what they're called suggests, are supplements designed to encourage the body to burn more fat for fuel. Also sometimes called thermogenics, they work by causing the metabolism to run at...

Quick Tips to Improving Your Diet

Staying healthy has always been our goal, but with the kind of lifestyle that we have been living lately, we often find ourselves in need of more help, and fast! You’ve probably tried several diet...

How to Cut Out Sugar for Long Term Use

Eating foods that contain plenty of sugar may help us feel good for a little while, but their impact to our health can be huge. Among the dangers of eating too much sugar include increasing...

Diet Tips and Tricks for Gestational Diabetes

Gestational diabetes is quite different from other types of diabetes in the sense that it only happens when a woman is pregnant. The symptoms don’t normally show, plus they tend to disappear once your baby...

Have You Heard About the Volumetrics Diet?

Most weight loss diets out there require you to count the amount of calories you consume per day. If you hate doing math and also feeling deprived, then they are not suited for you.

Have You Heard About the Dukan Diet?

Do you like to get rid of excess pounds but you cannot get rid of meat from your diet? Then you may consider going on the dukan diet. The dukan...

What Happens When You Stop Your Diet?

Most of us turn to ready-made diet plans to help us achieve a certain weight or because we want to improve our overall health. We restrict our food to those that were indicated in...

Beginner’s Guide to Autoimmune Diet

Autoimmune diseases are often triggered when the immune system considers certain tissues that are present in our body as dangerous hence inflammation occurs. There are about 80 types of autoimmune diseases that are prevalent these...




The Five Stages of Sleep

When we think of sleep, we think of giving the body and mind a few hours a day to rest and rejuvenate. We yearn for more...

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