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Tips on How to Make Your Hair Brass-Free

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Changing your hair color to blonde or brunette can be a huge commitment. After all, dyeing your hair into a new color means that you’ll be staying a few hours in the salon, having your hair treated, and ensuring that you get the right shade for your complexion too. Although the blonde color looks great, and some shade of brunette can be stylish too, brassy tones may just appear time and time again, which can be quite frustrating to say the least.

There are many reasons why those brassy tones tend to appear such as your use of regular shampoo, to exposing yourself to the sun constantly, or spending most of your time out there at the beach. Whatever the reason is for those brassy tones appearing, you will need to deal with it quickly. Well, here are a few tips to consider on how to keep the brassy tones out of your dyed hair.

Install a filter in your shower

This may sound like a lot of work for keeping those brassy hues from your hair, but it does help especially when your shower water is using tap water. You see, tap water may contain some trace minerals like chlorine which can speed up the appearance of brassy color on your dyed hair.

Try brightening conditioner

Another trick to keep the brassy hues from invading your blonde or brunette hair is to try Drybar brightening conditioner that gives your hair some lightweight moisture to your color treated hair without making your hair feel heavy. This formula is designed to enhance your locks and protect it from tangles too.

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Choose the right toning shampoo

If you are a brunette that is showing some brassy tones, you will need a blue toning shampoo to help correct your hair color. The blue color eliminates or negates the orange hues so you will be able to keep your brunette longer. As for those who have dark blonde hair, instead of blue, go for violet toning shampoo that comes with more pigment to keep the brass from invading your hair. Make sure that you follow the instructions on the bottle when using these products, so you won’t overdo it.

Color protecting shampoo helps

Another tip on preserving your blonde or brunette color, and keeping your hair brass-free is to use a color protecting shampoo. This type of shampoo not only locks in your current hair color, but it can also strengthen the hair strands while protecting them from dryness. By ensuring that your hair is healthy, you can prolong your new hair color easily.

Treatment conditioner

Changing your hair color to blonde is definitely a huge change especially when your natural hair color is far from it. Well, it’s hard not to love the color of blonde, which is why giving it that extra care and attention is going to be worth it. But if you are worried that this will mean spending more money, why not invest on a treatment conditioner for blonde hair instead? One example of this is Blonde Moment Treatment Conditioner which has that pastel violet pigmentation that can help correct the brassy tones on your hair. Those who have tried this swears by it.

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There is nothing wrong with dyeing your hair to blonde or brunette especially when it gives you the confidence that you want. But when it comes to dealing with brassy tones, don’t you worry. The tips mentioned above are just a few that are worth mentioning on how to take care of your blonde or brunette.


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