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Tart Cherry Juice for Gout

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Gout can cause an attack of sudden stiffness, burning pain and swelling in the joints usually a big toe. Over time gout can harm your tendons, joints and other tissues. Mostly gout is common in men.

There is a natural and effective remedy for gout. It would take some time for you to see the result but it is worth to try it out.

Eating cherry or drinking tart cherry juice can help in healing your gout. Eat at least 12-20 cherries per day if possible. Cherry is a good remedy for gout because of its anti-inflammatory properties and natural antioxidant. These can help your body to neutralize uric acid to reduce the severity of gout attack.

Staying hydrated throughout the day by drinking 12 x 80z glasses of water can also remove excess urine and toxins from your body.

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Here’s a simple to follow in making tart cherry juice.


– 1lb ( 16 ounces) of fresh cherries

– 2 tbs raw honey

– 1/2 pint of water

– 1 bottle of carbonated water (soda) *this is optional

– 1 tbs of lemon extract (optional)


1. Mix together the seedless cherries and raw honey using a saucepan. You can add more honey if you want it to be more sweeter. Simmer until you have the desired consistency. Then mash the cherries for its extract.

2. Leave at room temperature for at least two hours and put a cover.

3. Add the water (1/2 pint) while stirring until the mixture are all incorporated. Then bring to a boil while maintaining a light bubble. Continue stirring from time to time, until the mixture turn almost syrupy.

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4. Finally squeeze and strain the mixture and store in a jar.

5. To serve, add 1-2 tablespoon of the extract in a glass of water or carbonated water soda. You can put the lemon extract if you want. Put some ice and some mint leaves for garnish.

Serve and Enjoy!

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