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The Many Ways Coconut Oil Can Improve Your Health and Your Life

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Have you ever thought of the many wonders of coconut oil? Well for starters, coconut oil comes with a wealth of benefits that can help improve one’s skin, hair, digestion and even has the powers to help fight against a host of infectious diseases. Coconut plantations may be abundant only in countries with tropical climates, but the popularity of the coconut oil is soaring even in the US, UK, Canada and in other countries where the weather is proven to be not as warm and accommodating.  So let us count the ways this product may be helpful to your own body:

  1. Coconut oil and your skin care regimen.

Coconut oil is proven to be a great massage oil that can provide excellent moisturization for all skin types. In contrast to mineral oil, using coconut oil does not come with any adverse effects on the body making it safer alternative for the prevention of the occurrence of dry, flaky skin. It also deters the appearance of fine lines and sagging skin—things that are normally brought forth by skin aging.

Unknown to many, coconut oil is packed with antioxidants that are helpful in battling premature aging. The antioxidants in this product bind with the harmful free radicals in the body which gives way to a smoother and better skin. Free radicals, when left alone floating in the bloodstream may cause the deterioration of skin cells which leads to the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, making you look older.  Coconut oil was also proven effective in treating a myriad of skin dilemmas which include psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis and other known skin infections.

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2. Coconut oil and your hair care regimen.

Coconut oil has properties that restore your hair’s shine, plus it also aids in its growth. Everyday exposure of your hair to pollutants and other elements can strip it of its protective layer, making it more prone to breakage and dullness. Coconut oil can help reduce this protein loss in the hair and coats it to make it stronger and more manageable.

3. Coconut oil and heart diseases

Coconut oil is said to be beneficial to preventing the development of chronic heart illnesses.  Its lauric acid content helps in lowering the body’s cholesterol levels and helps stabilize one’s blood pressure.  Coconut oil does not promote the increase of LDL (low density lipoprotein: bad cholesterol) levels in the system and thus help avert problems like atherosclerosis or the hardening of arteries due to excess fats.

4. Coconut oil and weight loss.

Research has found out that coconut oil has the capacity to help lessen abdominal obesity especially in women.  Its usage also does not tax the digestive system much thanks to its easy digestibility. Consumption also promotes good health for the thyroid gland as well as the other organs of the endocrine system.  Coconut oil also helps increase the body’s metabolism rates which help greatly in eliminating excess weight.

5. Coconut oil and the immune system.

The lauric acid and other antimicrobial properties in coconut oil aids in boosting one’s immune system and is known to fight off a horde of pathogens like helicobacter pylori, listeria monocytogenes and giardia lamblia amongst others.

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6. Coconut oil and healing

Having a massage is a proven stress buster, and no one in this world is totally free of any stress. Coconut oil can be very soothing and provides a calming effect. When it comes to healing, a layer of coconut oil in the skin can help protect it from dust, fungi, viruses and bacteria. Coconut oil seemed to be very effective in the healing of bruises as it can speed up the recovery of damaged tissues.

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