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How to Reap Benefits of Raw Food Diets

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Raw food diet is fast becoming the talk of the town what with the diet books, recipes, detox retreats, and even restaurants that are offering all-raw dishes, it’s hard to miss this healthy diet that is being bandied about in many health circles. The question that you are probably asking yourself today is whether this particular diet is actually the one that we all need to follow not just in terms of losing weight but also for our overall health?

Although there are several benefits that you can get out of this diet program, there are quite a few misconceptions about it. Here are a few that you will most likely hear or read about it.

Going all raw food diet can provide you with more benefits

Well, this is a complete myth and one that you shouldn’t really consider unless you are willing to miss out on important nutrients. Although some may be able to stick with a complete raw food diet, they are at risk of suffering from nutrient deficiencies such as protein, iron, and the like.

Raw foods are healthier than the cooked ones

This is probably the biggest misconceptions of raw food diet. Many believe that raw food is considerably better compared to those cooked because they think the nutritional benefits are still intact. Although some are better eaten at their natural state, some are better off cooked if you really want to get their full potential.

Perfect for short-term detox

This is completely false and one that your body is going to thank you for not following it. Suddenly switching to a raw food diet just because you want to flush out the toxins in your body or you want to speed up your metabolism isn’t going to work as you are actually shocking your system with this sudden change that will eventually lead back to weight gain.

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How to Get the Full Benefits of Raw Food Diet

There is nothing wrong with following the raw food diet but if you really want to get the most out of it, it is time to pay attention to what foods you can eat raw and which ones you should eat cooked. Although raw means organic or in its natural state, keep in mind that not all raw foods should be eaten as is as some may be dangerous to your health. So here’s a break down of foods that you can eat raw or cooked and their benefits.

Bell peppers

They are much better eaten raw because they can retain all their nutritional value at this state. Raw bell peppers have higher amounts of vitamin C which is known for its immune building properties. Adding this to salads can help protect you against eye and heart diseases in the long run.


Eating tomatoes raw may be all well and good but it is better to cook them first. You see, tomatoes do have lycopene which is an antioxidant phytochemical that is good for your health but it is better absorbed by the body when it is cooked. Lycopene can actually reduce your risk from heart problems and cancer even.


Beets are actually best eaten raw so you will be able to absorb the folate that they contain. Folate plays a part in your brain function and health which can disappear if you cook this ingredient. What can folate do for you? Well, it can support your brain and heart health and supports normal fetal growth in pregnant women.

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Eating mushrooms raw may be something you have seen done in cooking shows and the like, but unless you are familiar with different types of mushrooms, it is much better to cook them before eating. Mushrooms are one of the best sources of polysaccharides but they do have some toxins in them. Cooking them can help remove them for safer consumption. Eating mushrooms can help regulate your blood pressure, reduce your cholesterol levels, and maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

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