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Honey Water Benefits You Didn’t Know

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You’re probably aware of the numerous benefits that you can get from honey and for sure, you’ve been using this ingredient in many of your dishes already. But did you know that honey can be a powerful concoction especially when you mix it with warm water? If you are wondering what’s the big deal about this, here are some of the benefits linked to it.

  • You’ll see your weight go down. One of the advantages of drinking warm honeyed water is that it will help you lose weight. The natural sugar that is found in honey is actually good for you because it is a source of healthy calories that your body needs. Drinking this solution will help ward off your cravings for something sweet which, in turn, can help you shed excess weight.
  • It gets rid of gas. If you’re suffering from gas because of the food that you’ve eaten or any medication you’re taking, drinking honeyed water can make it disappear. What this solution can do is to neutralize any gas building up in your stomach so that you will feel better in no time.
  • You’ll have better digestion. Another advantage to honey water is that it can improve your digestion so that things will be moving better in your digestive system. Drinking this solution first thing in the morning will help revitalize you and will even remove any acidity in your stomach. If you’re able to move your bowels regularly, losing weight won’t be difficult to achieve.
  • It can eliminate bad breath. Combining honey and lemon with warm water is one of the best ways to kill off the bacteria in your mouth. The acidic properties of lemon and the antiseptic compounds in honey can get rid of any bacteria that is causing your breath to smell. Taking this solution can help clean up your mouth and your throat too.
  • It reduces your allergies. Another plus to combining raw honey and warm water and drinking it is that it will help reduce your allergies. The pollen used by the bees in making honey will help your body acclimatize to the pollens in your areas so you don’t have to dread the changing seasons.
  • It can treat sore throat. Sore throat can disrupt your day-to-day activities but the good news is that you can make it disappear with some honeyed water. Honey’s antiseptic properties will help get rid of any bacteria forming in your throat while at the same time, reduce the inflammation in this area.
  • It will detoxify your body. Honeyed water is also the perfect choice when you need to detoxify your body of any impurities such as toxins that your body has absorbed from the environment and the food that you’re eating. Adding lemon to your drink will also make you urinate some more which aids in flushing out the toxins from your body. The citric acid found in lemon will help stimulate your liver to increase detoxification.
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