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Detox Water Ideas for a Refreshing Cleanse

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Have you ever felt that you are feeling a bit bloaty or heavy in the middle lately? It may be that your digestive system is starting to hiccup because of all the toxins in your system, that is taking a while to get rid of. This is not surprising given the type of food that we often eat, but when your clothes are starting to tighten up, or you are feeling uncomfortable with the feeling of sluggishness, time to make some detox water to start your cleansing.

Cleansing is necessary to help jumpstart your organs that are doing all the heavy lifting, and if you think that going on a cleanse is tough, well, you can start with some detox water first to help you along the way. Here are a few that you should try out.

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Belly slimming detox drink

With all the bloating that is happening to us, our midsection may feel and look a bit larger than normal. A good solution here is to prepare some belly slimming detox drink using some cucumber slices, sliced strawberries, chopped basil, and some ice and water. Mix all of the ingredients in a pitcher or glass and pop it in the fridge for five minutes to let the ingredients seep into the water.

Blood orange and thyme spa water

There is such a thing as a spa water? Apparently yes, and it is one of the best ways to get in more nutrients into your system too. You might think that this is going to be an elaborate drink to mix up, but it is not. It’s basically a combination of sliced blood oranges, a few sprigs of thyme, and ice and water and that’s it. Just let the ingredients steep even for a few minutes before drinking.

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Dieter’s wonder water

Going on a cleansing diet does help reduce the amount of fluids being retained by your body, so if you wish to get rid of your bloat, this wonder water should be tried out. To capture the taste of fresh green apples in your water, you should slice your apples thinly so that more surface of the fruit will enter the water. Grab the mint leaves, remove the stems, then crush them before adding into the mix. This way, you will be able to release the flavor and aroma of mint. Allow this drink to steep overnight for a super charged cleansing beverage in the morning.

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Body cleansing lemon ginger water

Lemon and ginger are both known for their antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties which means that when you combine these two, what you’ll get is a powerful cleansing drink that will not only get rid of the harmful stuff in your system, but will also help improve your immune system too. you will need 4 cups of water, a medium or large sized lemon, and 1 to 1.4 oz of ginger root. You will need to wash and peel your ginger first, before slicing and adding to your water. Let it steep overnight in the fridge. Pour some in a glass and heat it up to lukewarm temperature. Add some freshly squeezed lemon to your drink which you should sip first thing in the morning. You can drink the rest throughout the day if you like to help with the cleansing process.

Who would have thought that detoxifying your body is going to be this easy? The next time you feel that your body seems to be sluggish or you’re starting to bloat, these beverages can help you out.

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