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Best Home Remedies to Treat Colds

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Colds are a natural virus that every person gets at many points in their lives. Colds are your body’s way of telling you that you need rest and that you have a vitamin deficiency that you need to resolve immediately if you want to get well. Colds are normally the first symptoms of a person developing pesky fevers and nasty flu that need to be remedied by proper rest, medicine, and vitamins. Those who ignore colds as early as they are affecting their bodies, normally develop these illnesses, which can take days or weeks depending on how sick they get. This is why it is recommended that as early as you start experiencing the sniffles,
you should start taking vitamins and medicine so that you develop more anti-bodies to fight this from growing inside your system.
There are many remedies that you can use to fight this as soon as the sniffles begin happening. These remedies are tried and tested and do not require that you go out to your nearest hospital to get treated. These are home remedies that avoid the occasion of you having to pay expensive medical bills and instead; treat yourself at home for free. Here are some home remedies that will help.
Everybody gets colds from time to time and no one is immune to this. This is why it is extremely important that you have remedies set aside in your home so that when the time comes, you will be prepared to treat yourself properly and avoid having to go to the hospital and pay a high cost for treatment.

Avoid contact with people who have colds

Being in the same room with a person can automatically lead to a cold especially when your immune system is down or weak. If that person sneezes and you arein the vicinity, you will inhale the germs that the person sneezed. The normal tendency that occurs after this is you start feeling weak and you develop coughing and other symptoms that suggest you are coming down with a cold.

Get proper rest regularly

When you constantly push your body to do many activities and
if you do not get proper rest on a daily basis, your chances of getting colds become greater. In order to get proper rest, you must sleep at least 8 hours a day. This is the recommended amount of sleep that you need to be able to work properly and
function throughout the day. Proper rest also helps the body repair injuries from stress, illness, and viruses. It is also important when resting, to sleep on at least two pillows so that your body is in an upright position. This will get your nasal
passages clear as you sleep.

Wash your hands regularly

In the course of the day, we all use our hands to basically carry many things, prepare food, write, use the computer, and many other things. This means that our hands accumulate a lot of dirt and dust. If we do not wash our hands regularly, the chances of getting colds become bigger because we tend to touch our face, nose, mouth, and eyes and the dirt and dust that is accumulated on our hands can be easily transmitted in them.

Homemade salt water

It is a known fact that dripping salt water into your nose can thin out nasal secretions and help remove excess mucous while reducing nasal congestion. You may either visit your local drug store to buy saline drops or you could make it home. This is very easy to do as all you need is to mix 250ml of warm water, ¼ tsp of salt, and ¼ tsp baking soda into a bowl. Take a dropper that you use for baking to extract water from the bowl and simply drop small portions into your nose before you sleep.

Breathing in steam

Another way to decongest your nose is to breathe in steam. You can either do this by getting a humidifier in your nearest grocery or you could do it the natural way, which is to go into your showers and let hot water run inside the shower. After steam has finally filled you bathroom, you must the n simply inhale and
exhale the steam.

Always have zinc vitamins

It is a fact that zinc interferes with the production of rhinoviruses, which are responsible for 80% of all reproduction of colds. Taking
zinc supplements or vitamin will greatly shorten the duration of your cold and reduces its severity. It is recommended that if you start showing symptoms of developing a cold; you must take zinc vitamins within 24 hours.

Always have vitamin C

It is also a fact that vitamin C produces collagen, which is a protein that heals wounds, blood vessels, and skin. Taking vitamin C with will lessen the duration and severity of your cold so that you do not experience this for longer than a few days.

Chicken Soup

Chicken soup can also help ease your cold in more than one way. You can either inhale the steam of the hot soup, which will aid in
decongesting your nasal passages or you can eat it. This will help your body avoid severe dehydration that is a by-product of colds.

Hot Toddy

This proven cocktail is more for adults as it involves some tea, lemon, and whiskey or brandy. It also contains honey that soothes your throat and kills certain bacteria that causes your cold. The lemon that you put works great in supplying your body with anti-oxidants that remove unwanted toxins. Hot toddies
help to ease your nasal congestion and aid you to sleep better as a result. It is essential that you only take one hot toddy per day. Taking more may cause your body to experience dehydration because of the alcohol.
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