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Treat Your Dry Eyes Naturally

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Tears have oils, antibodies, proteins and mucus that protect the eyes from infection. When something is wrong with the tear system, it could cause dry eyes, which could in turn lead to eyes becoming itchy or sore, or red, or gritty. Do not take dry eyes for granted. It might have a negative effect on your vision.

Check out some of the best home remedies for dry eyes.

Cold Compress

This provides immediate relief from symptoms such as itchiness. Just place it over the dry eyes.

Lemon Juice

Mix orange lentil flour, turmeric powder, tomato puree and lemon to create a paste. Put this paste underneath the affected eye every day, for it to work.

Oil of Flaxseed

This particular oil is popular as a treatment for dry eyes’ symptoms due to the high content of omega-3 fatty acids. If consumed orally, this oil can provide relief for the inflamed areas,


Cucumbers are excellent against areas that are irritated, inflamed and/or puffy.
Just wash the cucumber clean and slice it thinly. Put it in the fridge for around fifteen to twenty minutes before putting the slices over your affected eye for at least ten minutes. Do this four to five times daily.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera soothes and moisturizes, which means it’s another great remedy for dryness and soreness and itchiness of the eyes.

You can first try mixing aloe vera gel taken from the leaf, with a single teaspoon of honey and half-a-cup of the tea of elderberry blossom. Try rinsing your eyes with this two times daily.

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Or you can just utilize the juice of aloe vera as an eyewash.

Fenugreek Seeds

Leave the seeds in water, Wait around seven or eight hours before making a paste from them. Put this paste on your eyes, and wait twenty minutes before washing it off. Repeat this two times a day.


Try grating potatoes and put the grated parts on your affected eye or eyes before you go to sleep in the evenings. They can cool and hydrate your dry eyes and provide soothing relief.

Tamarind Seeds

Leave the seeds in warm water before straining it. Use a clean cotton ball to apply the water around the affected eye or eyes for quick relief.

Almond and Castor Oils

These two oils moisturize and prevent too much evaporation. You can combine these oils in equal parts, or use them individually. Rub them underneath your eyes before you sleep in the evenings. Don’t do this when you need to do something though since it may affect your eyesight.

Coriander Juice

Extract juice after grinding coriander leaves. This can be used as an eye drop. Drop the juice two times daily to relieve yourself of itchiness

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