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How to Plump Your Thin Lips Naturally

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Ever wanted to have fuller lips? Plumper or fuller lips are certainly eye-catching but what if you were graced with thin lips only? Most likely you’re considering of getting injections to make your lips appear fuller but the cost of such a procedure may not be for everyone’s pockets. But why would you even subject yourself to the pain or the expense when you can do things naturally? Here are some tips on how to make your thin lips appear plumper naturally.

  • Exfoliate with a clean washcloth. Before you apply any makeup, make it a point to exfoliate your lips first with a clean washcloth. This helps remove any dead skin that is lying on the surface and to make the canvas of your lips smoother too. This can also make your lips appear fuller because more blood is circulating in this area. You will find that applying lipstick is easier afterwards.
  • Apply some balm first. After exfoliating your lips, the next step would be to apply some balm to your lips and allow it to sit for five minutes for your skin to be moisturized. It is always a good idea to use a lip balm that has some mint in it as it can enhance your pout and soothe your lips too.
  • Don’t forget foundation. You shouldn’t apply color on your lips just yet as you will need to ensure that your lips are smooth and ready for your choice of lipstick. A useful tip to make your lips appear fuller is to apply foundation on your lips. This will make it easier for your lipstick color to adhere to your lips and it will be easier to apply your lipstick too because you have a smoother canvas to work with.
  • Use lip liner. Another way to make your lips fuller is to use a lip liner. Make sure that you choose a lip liner that is one shade darker to the lipstick that you want to wear and then apply carefully on your lips. Use a highlighter on your upper lip, paying extra attention on your cupid’s bow. The lip liner can create the illusion of fuller lips.
  • Blend lipsticks. Makeup experts suggest that you blend two colors of lipstick to create the illusion of bigger lips. Choose a darker shade and apply it to your lips then the lighter color should be applied on the upper lip starting at the center then blending it outwards. You can add a small amount of gloss in the center of your lips both in the upper and lower lip to make your pucker perfect. Use a brush to get this done right.
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These are just a few tips on how you can make your thin lips appear bigger than before and without spending too much money. The best part is that you probably already have the tools you will need to make your lips fuller  in no time. Just follow the steps mentioned above and you’ll see a significant improvement in your lips.

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