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Place a Drop of This Essential Oil on Your Wrist and Watch Your Stress Go Away

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Do you often suffer from stress because of the tons of workplace or home tasks that you have to carry out on a daily basis? Then this article is for you. Reading on allows you to know how simple it can be to lower your stress levels with the help of a very common essential oil possessing a very familiar name and fragrance.

The one being talked about is rose essential oil, which is deemed by so many aromatherapy experts as the queen of all essential oils for stress relief.

Obtained From Damask Rose Petals

Just like what the name says, the fragrant volatile oil comes from the petals of roses, in particular fresh Damask ones due to the fact that they are revered for having the most potent aroma among all types of roses on the face of the planet. To effectively extract the oils from Damask rose petals, the process of steam distillation is used.

Numerous compounds present in rose essential oil, based on scientific investigations, are capable of dealing with some of the nasty symptoms associated with stress. They include increased breathing rate, accelerated heart rate, tensed muscles, mental exhaustion, reduced energy levels and even insomnia.

Actually, in the world of aromatherapy, rose essential oil is commonly diluted with carrier oil to make for really effective stress-busting massage oil.

So Accessible and Easy to Employ

But this doesn’t mean, however, that you should constantly hit the local massage parlor or get someone to give you a full-body massage each time you want to bring your stress levels down with the help of rose essential oil. Something as simple as placing a small bottle of this volatile oil with a really pleasing scent in your purse or pocket helps to know that there is something you can rely on each time you’re feeling stressed out.

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Whenever you are being bugged by stress, all you have to do is fish the bottle of rose essential oil out of your purse or pocket, and place a drop or two of it on your wrist.

Rub your wrist together, bring them both closer to your nose and take a deep breath. The goal is to fill your lungs with air that’s saturated with the fragrance of rose essential oil. Do this for a few more times and it won’t take long before you notice the stress-relieving benefits of this very popular essential oil.

Proven by Scientists to Work Effectively

The ability of rose essential oil to lower stress levels is no midwife’s tale. Actually, there are lots and lots of people that swear by the effectiveness of rose essential oil against high levels of stress.

But don’t take the word of people you don’t know for it — just consider the findings of numerous scientists who had conducted experiments with rose essential oil’s efficacy as a reducer of stress.

According to them, participants who were topically administered with rose essential oil and asked to sniff the volatile oil had lower blood pressures and breathing and heart rates as compared to those who were provided with placebo. Actually, participants who took a whiff of rose essential oil reported that they felt more relaxed.

So the next time you wish to combat stress whether in the middle of a busy day or after a really tiring one, all you have to do is place a drop or two of rose essential oil on your wrist and smell away.

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