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Eyeshadow Basics You Should Know

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When it comes to cooking you follow cooking recipes and when we fix cars we follow different steps and protocol. Why not do this with makeup? Makeup can be tricky, what you wear, how you apply it, the product you use, and so on can make a huge difference. Applying different makeup require different tips and tricks to completely master. One of the makeup products that requires knowledge and skill are eyeshadows.

Eyeshadows, everyone knows what they look like, but not everyone knows how to use them. When it comes to your know how about makeup; eyeshadows can be the most difficult to fully understand. There are so many products out in the market, different shades, texture, types and so on. If we want to amp up our makeup game we need to learn about eyeshadow basics. So, let’s talk about eyeshadow. Below are some eyeshadow know-how that the makeup lover should know.

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If you really want your eyeshadow to last you need to apply primer. Apply primer on your whole lid, start from your upper lash line to your eyebrow arch or brow bone. Wait for your primer to dry before applying eyeshadow. Apply your base eyeshadow first, your base should be a shade closest to your skin tone. This will create a smooth base for your eyeshadow and eyeliner routine. The primer will also prevent creasing and give the eyelid a smooth surface.

Eye Shape

Before you start applying your eyeshadow, figure out what eye shape you have. There are different techniques and look that can accentuate your eyes. There is the mono lid, double lids, hooded, almond, upturned, down turned, close set, wide set, protruding and deep set eyes. Find your eye shape to find the best techniques for you.

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Highlighting the Eyes

You can highlight your eyes by using your lightest eyeshadow shade. White or light shimmery eyeshadow can create an illusion of light and brightness in the eyes. Apply just underneath the eyebrow arch, the inner corner of your eyes (tear drop effect) and the middle of your eyelid. This will make your eyes look bigger and more awake. You can apply this after you apply you over all eyeshadow routine.


One of the most important skill when it comes to eyeshadow is blending. Never forget to blend your eyeshadow. Without blending your eyeshadow will look like a messy block of colors. Blend your eyeshadows with a fluffier and bigger brush. That way you are blending it evenly and not leaving streaks. Blend as much as you can, but don’t blend too much that it appears one toned. Though, the more blended your eyeshadows are, the better it would look. It’s best to blend using a circular movement with your brush. This will keep the eyeshadow in one place.

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Under Eyeshadow

We tend to forget to apply eye shadow in our under eye. When we say under eye area, we mean the lower lash line and a few centimeters below it. You want to apply an eye shadow shade in your under eye area that is dominant in your upper eyelid. This will blend out your look and create more drama. You can apply this eyeshadow using a small brush or an angled one. Start applying in the middle of your lower lash line and blending it out towards the end of your eyes.

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Learning the Lingo

So, where is the brow bone? What is the outer V? Knowing your eyeshadow lingo can help you understand those eyeshadow tips. The different parts of your eyes require different eyeshadow attention. Here are some need to know ones. The brow bone or highlight is the area of your eye just below your eyebrow arch, where your brow bone protrudes the most. The contour or crease area is the line that appears when you open your eyes. Some people have deep creases and some don’t. The lid is the skin just above your lash line, where you apply most of your eyeshadow. The outer V, the area in the outer corners of your eyes’ where you usually apply dark shades. The inner corner or tear duct is the inner corner of your eyes where you usually apply highlight. The waterline is the skin just above your lower and upper lash line.

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Here are some eyeshadow basics, you can now start practicing applying different eyeshadows for yourself. Though, there are so many things to learn when it comes to makeup. It is a progressing business. There are different techniques to learn and products you can use. Experiment and have fun!

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