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5 Reasons To Include Spinach On Your Diet

People might associate spinach with Popeye as the popular cartoon character loves it so much as he also becomes physically stronger after eating it....

8 Drinks for Pregnant Women

What you eat and drink is crucial when you are pregnant and it can be an inconvenience when there are many things you loved...

Bid Adieu to Dandruff Using These Natural Remedies

Dandruff may be harmless but it can be quite the hassle. Dandruff can be caused by different reasons but the most common are sensitivity...

Vitamin B-Rich Recipe: Beef and Chicken Stir Fry

Vitamin B is one of the core vitamins needed by the body. In fact, the B-vitamin is one of the water-soluble vitamins, with vitamin...

Back Pain Myths and Management

Back pain is one of the debilitating kind of pain in the body, as it prevents a person from doing his activities of daily...

Recipes that Sooth the Throat

Sore throat refers to a condition characterized by pain in the throat. It usually results from inflammation due to colds or viruses. It can...

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