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The Ultimate Guide to Banishing Acne

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Acne affects millions of people all over the world. The red pustules erupting on the face and other parts of the body can be painful and itchy when not addressed immediately. There are many reasons for acne to erupt such as diet, stress, heredity, and even environmental factors like dust, dirt, and smoke just to name a few. You probably feel frustrated with the scars left behind by your acne that affects your overall look. Most likely you are using spot-on treatments, concealers, and the like to treat acne and the scars that they leave behind. Well, if you want to banish your acne completely, you might want to follow this ultimate guide.

Wash your pillowcases every other week

Most of us tend to hit the sack as soon as we get home but if you are wearing makeup, you are simply transferring the particles on your pillow which can actually get pushed into your skin as you toss and turn in bed. This triggers acne in the long run. If you want to keep your skin smooth and blemish-free, change your pillowcases every other week.

Use cleansers

Another way to keep your face blemish free is to use cleansers regularly. As the name suggests, cleansers help remove any impurities like dirt, oil, dead skin cells, and the like. It is important that you include it in your daily beauty routine to help remove possible debris that can clog your pores.

Go gentle with your face towel

Many of us use face towels to wipe our skin with but a lot of us are guilty of scrubbing our skin too hard thus causing inflammation. If you want to prevent acne breakouts, go gentle with your use of towels on your skin especially on your sensitive face. You should also choose soft towels as much as possible so that they won’t be too abrasive on your skin.

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Apply aloe vera

Aloe vera is a natural remedy that can actually help treat infected skin and deliver soothing properties for faster healing. You only need to gather the gel from the leaves and apply on the affected areas and leave it on until the gel has dried. Wash your face off afterwards. You can repeat this remedy as many times as you want in the day.

Clean your devices

You’re probably the type of person who is often glued to your smartphone or other devices. Unfortunately, it barely registers that these devices are actually filled with germs and bacteria that can be transferred to your skin. As much as possible, clean your devices before bringing them close to your skin or touching your skin to minimize transfer of bacteria.

Take cod liver oil

Cod liver oil is also another remedy to take when it comes to fighting acne because it contains omega-3 essential oils that can fight off inflammation. You can take them direct from the source or in supplement form.

Stop touching your face

Ever noticed that you often touch your face? Well, this habit of yours must stop as soon as possible. Your hands can pick up plenty of germs and bacteria from the things that you touch which you can easily transfer on your face. This, in turn, can cause your pores to get clogged which can trigger acne breakouts. If you do have pimples on your face, make sure that you avoid touching or popping them because they can be aggravated further. 

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As you can see, banishing acne doesn’t have to be that complicated to do because even with these simple steps, you’ll be able to keep your skin blemish free.

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