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Tips to Styling Thin Hair

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Not all women are blessed with gloriously thick locks that seem to bounce effortlessly no matter what hairstyle they use. Others have thin hair that appear lifeless as they fall straight down. Although thin hair has its own beauty, too thin locks can make you appear balding in some areas. Fortunately, there are easy tips and tricks that can make your hair appear thicker than usual.

Here are some suggestions for you to try.

Look for the right haircut. If you are open to the idea of chopping off your locks then you might want to try the tousled pixie look so that it will be easier for you to disguise the thinning patches on your head. To make your hair appear fuller and more textured, go for the short, choppy bob and have fun styling it in anyway you like. Short, layered crop with the addition of bangs is perfect for those with angular face and receding hairline while the mid-length angled cut is ideal for those who want to create the illusion of longer hair. These options are suitable for those who want to add more volume or texture to their fine, thin hair.

Blow dry your hair correctly. Blow drying your hair is not only to make your hair dry up faster but it can also be used to add volume to your thin hair. It’s just a matter of learning the right technique to ensure that you get the style that you are looking for. For starters, use high heat when drying your hair with this heating tool and make sure that you use your fingers rather than a brush as you go through your hair. Before you apply any styling product to your hair, make sure that it should be at least 80% dry to ensure that they will hold.

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Learn different styling techniques. Another way to make your thin hair look fuller is to learn different styling techniques. For example, if you want to achieve tousled pixie, apply some styling mousse on your hair while it is damp then blow dry using the lowest setting as you move around your hair. Afterwards, choose a few strands of hair and spritz some volumizing spray, twist it, then blow dry once more. Let go of the sections gently and continue blow drying the twists. Allow your hair to cool then pull the twists apart gently and tousle your hair after. There are other styling techniques to try for medium and long hair.

Use the right styling products. You should also learn what the different types of styling products are so you will use the right one based on your hairstyle and hair type. For thin hair, it is best that you stick with lightweight volumizers like mousse, spray, or even lotion as they won’t weigh your hair down like gels do. Aside from gels, it is also important that you stay away from using waxes, styling creams, polishes, shine serums and the like because they will be too heavy for your thin hair. Let your hair absorb the product for about 2 minutes before drying your hair completely. Finish your hairstyle with some lightweight hairspray and run the blow dry for a few minutes to give your hair that extra shine. 

These are just a few tips that you can take advantage of when it comes to adding more volume or texture to your otherwise thin hair. You can ask your hairstylist what other advice they can give you with regards to making your thin hair appear fuller.

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