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Simple and Easy Ways to Win the Battle Against Fatigue

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Do you always get that old, rundown feeling and you don’t even know why? That, my friend is what you call fatigue. It’s quite a common complaint, especially once one hits middle age. Good thing is, there are a lot of ways to get an energy boost when you need it, and some of these ways can help slow the body’s aging process.

So when you feel like your body’s fuel tank is running low, here’s how you can get a refill:

Make sure to rule out any underlying health dilemmas.

Fatigue is often a by-product of many common illnesses. These may include diabetes, anemia, arthritis, thyroid concerns, and sleep apnea. If you feel that you’re always unusually tired, then it’s time to have yourself checked up by a qualified health practitioner.

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A lot of medications can be a precursor to fatigue. Blood pressure medicines are known to contribute to one being tired all the time, as well as usage of diuretics, antihistamines, and some other drugs.

Get active.

When you’re particularly feeling tired, the last on your mind might be exercising and getting physical. However, various studies have shown time and again that getting physically active can boost one’s energy levels.  Exercising puts vigor back into your life and improves its quality in general. Active people are known to be happier, more confident and of course, healthier than those who practice a mostly sedentary lifestyle. Exercising can also help your improve the performance of your heart, lungs, muscles and other body systems.

Get into yoga.

If you’re not a fan of vigorous activities, you may want to shift your focus to practicing yoga which is proven to be especially effective in boosting energy levels. A British study once reported that subjects who participated in yoga classes once a week for a period of six weeks claimed improvements in their own confidence levels, clear-mindedness and energy after the experiment.

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Chug lots of water.

Dehydration is a real energy zapper and impairs your physical performance. It can cause fatigue even by doing only the simplest of chores or activities. Dehydration also reduces your alertness and concentration levels. So how will you know if you lack water in your system? Simple—just check your urine color. Normal urine should be straw colored or pale yellow. If yours is darker than that, then it means that yours is too concentrated and you need water ASAP.

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Snooze early.

Staying up late too often is not doing you any good. It deprives you of the much needed sleep that your body needs to revitalize and heal itself and will rob of you of energy the next morning. Good sleep habits will provide you with big health benefits and might even prolong your life. If you do really fall short on the shut-eye, try ensuring that you sneak in a few power naps in the afternoon. Moderate your naps though and don’t go over 30-45 minutes, otherwise it will be difficult for you to sleep for real during the night and your sleep-wake cycle will be put off balance again.

Eat fish.

Yes that’s right, because the omega-3 fatty acids found in fish is not only good for your cardio health, but it can also improve your mental alertness.

Lose the excess pounds.

Easier said than done, but when you come to think of it, being overweight is contributing to your feeling lethargic all the time. Even small reductions in weight can help improve one’s mood and can create a positive impact in an individual’s quality of life. To shed the excess poundage, a lot of experts recommend cutting back on meal portions, injecting physical activities into daily routines and generally having a well-balanced diet.

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