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Rid Of the Razor Bumps in Bikini Area

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It’s common to have skin darkening, tiny pimple, razor rash, ingrown hair and skin irritation after shaving or using a razor blade. This problem is usually called the razor bump, this mostly affects areas of our body that have sensitive skin such as the underarm and bikini area.

Ingrown hair from shaving can reenter the pore and puncture the skin, causing that inflamed red bump. In severe cases this can cause swelling and scarring.

What Causes Razor Bumps?

The immune system detects the curling hair or ingrown hair as a foreign substance. This then causes it to produce an immune response to remove the substance. The result is the burning or painful sensation in this area.

Removing razor bumps in the bikini area can be harder than in the underarm area due to the sensitivity of the skin, the clothes, the condition of the skin and so on. If not, remove these razor bumps can cause scarring in your bikini area that can be unpleasant and hard to remove. So, what can you do to get rid of these pesky razor bumps in your bikini area? Read on to find the answer.

Making Sure You Have the Right Tool

The best way to get rid of razor bump is to prevent them in the first place. Make sure that you are using a clean and razor. Razor is supposed to last for about two to four months (depending on brand and quality) and after should be replaced with a new blade or a new razor. Dull blades can cause you to shave an area twice, increasing your chances of skin irritation around the hair follicle. This in turn can leave a hair that is pointed awkwardly or pointed against the natural hair growth. This can cause the hair to puncture the skin or curl inward, causing the razor bumps. Another reason to throw away your dull blades is that it can be a home for bacteria that can seep in through newly shaved skin that may lead to infections. If you don’t have a new blade, make sure to disinfect yours before using.

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Exfoliating the area can help remove the dead skin cells that are blocking the hair follicle. Though, it is not advised to do this when the razor bump is still inflamed. Start by applying moisturizer all over the area and leave it on for a few minutes. Now take a mitt, loofah or wash cloth and exfoliate the area. Perform this two to three times a week. This can help smoothen the area and unclog pores. Giving you a smoother surface for shaving and proper hair growth. Doing this religiously will prevent the formation of new razor bumps and remove existing ones.

Shaving in Warm Temperature

Shaving your skin after a warm shower or bath can help get rid of razor bumps. Wash the area well and apply moisturizer or shaving gel. Once the pores have opened due to the temperature, this is the best time to shave it. This will soften the hair and allow a deep shave. Rinse it off with cold water to close the pores. After shaving wipe the skin dry and apply after shaving cream or moisturizer.

Wearing the Right Underwear

Abrasion and friction can cause the pubic hair from growing properly, causing the razor bumps that are irritated and inflamed. You can reduce the friction by using underwear that is breathable and big enough to cover the whole area. Use underwear that is cotton based, this fabric is gentle on the skin.

Don’t Pick On It

We know the need to poke and pick on irritated skin is never good. This especially applies to razor bumps. Picking and pocking this can cause further irritation and pain. Picking at it until it bleeds can cause the skin to harden after healing and causing the hair to grow inward again. Use hydrogen peroxide in the area instead to reduce irritation.

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If you suffer from ingrown hair, skin irritation and razor bumps, it is essential for you to wait until the skin is completely healed before performing any epilatory or depilatory process. If you do it while your bikini area is still healing, you open yourself up to infection, further irritation, burning sensation and scarring. You can speed up healing time by using a soothing gels or prevent is by using shaving cream when shaving. 

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