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Herbs to Relieve Back Pain, Inflammation, and Swelling

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More people are eschewing pharmaceutical pain relievers in favor of natural ones these days. While most research on herbal remedies are still in its infancy, it has long been a widely held belief that some herbs can decrease inflammation and assist in relieving pain. Here are some herbs commonly used for natural pain relief:


We often use heat to reduce topical pain, like bruising or sore muscles. Capsaicin brings its own natural heat to the fray. It’s also more effective for longer periods. However, the herb is quite potent and requires a carrier. This reduces the heat and lessens the risk of you burning your skin. One of the best way of applying capsaicin is through a salve. You then apply it on the affected area and let the heat to burn the pain off.


Clove is an excellent herbal remedy for pain in the mouth and face. You can grind the herb to a fine powder using a coffee grinder. Clove oil or tincture is also quite effective in reducing oral pain. Whatever form you use, simply apply the clove on the inflammed area. The area will be numb for a few minutes to several hours, depending on the clove’s strength.

Valerian Root

Valerian root is more commonly associated as a sleep aid. However, it can also be used to manage pain, like headaches caused by inflammation and stress. It can be used as a tincture or taken as tea. If you plan on using if for overnight inflammation or pain, it’s better to take valerian root in capsule form. It’s easier to deliver to the body and it will also act as a time release. This is vital as the root’s potency increases over time.

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White Willow Bark

One of the easiest herbal remedies you can find is white willow bark. You can find supplements of this herb in local drug stores and online. It can come in either capsule or powder form. The herb is usually ground up and appears as a brown powder. White willow bark has powerful salicylates that provide quick pain relief. Use it in teas or tinctures or add it to your drink. For a more potent effect, use a tincture of this herb. Avoid mixing it with other herbs as it will reduce its analgesic effect.

There are other herbs and natural remedies available but these herbs are what forms the basic core of the pain relievers today.

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