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Hairstyles Trends for 2015

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Hairstyles will come and go, but each year there will always be a prominent hairstyle trend that will capture everyone’s attention. A hairstyle that will remind us that “oh that picture was from the 80’s” or a hairstyle that defined an era.

Two years ago the rise of the “bed head look” was seen in red carpets, messy but beautiful looking was the in thing. Last year we saw a lot of braids in celebrities, movies and television.

This year the hairstyles that have been on runways, salons, campaign ads and celebrities in the early months of these years are showing promise as the new hairstyle trend. So what would it be this year? Bohemian waves? Silky straight? The Sleek Bun? More Braids?

Here are some hairstyles that are trending this 2015:

A few years back the sleek, clean and tight high pony was a huge trend among celebrities. This hairstyle was incredibly popular with women in their 30’s and 40’s. This year I’ve seen braids from women in their teens to their late 40’s sporting braids. Not just simple braids, but complicated and intricate braids. Fishtails, 5 strand braids, Dutch braid, french braid, waterfall braid with Celtic knot braid with faux hawk braid. Every braid you can possibly imagine! Braids were seen all over the runways these first few months. Will the braid hairstyle last until the end of the year? Who knows, but we love it.

The medium length haircuts with messy curls. The bed head look never seemed so chic. Last year was the year of saying goodbye to long locks and saying hello to medium length hair. The perfect hairstyle for this medium length hair? Waves, waves and waves. Create subtle waves in the hair to create more texture to medium length hair for a relaxed everyday look. Scrunch your waves up to create a messy night out in the town look. Curl your hair with a big barrel to create sophisticated soft waves for formal events.

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A prominent hairstyle in the runway is the ponytail. The ponytail is here to stay! With a little bit of ease and relaxed approach to the pony. Hairstylist opted to create a loose low pony in the back, but a sleek and glossy looking hairline area. They created dimension to these classic hairstyles by teasing the pony or adding texture to the pony instead of leaving it straight and limp.

Take out the crimper from the attic gals! We’ve been seeing a lot of subtle Crimping on the runway. Silky straight hair with subtle crimped hair was seen during fashion week and we love it. Adding texture to straight hair with a crimper is such a genius and easy way to add style to the hair without going overboard.

The Boho Waves, this trend is here to stay. Boho waves fit short hair to long hair and works with every hair color. The Boho waves have a certain casual yet sensual appeal that makes women look fierce. This hairstyle is great for everyday hair or hair for going out at parties. Tying your Boho wave as half up-do makes it great for formal gatherings.

The Bun, unlike its previous counterpart the newest in buns today isn’t the donut buns or sleek buns. Hairstylist is opting for a more asymmetrical bun or a messy low bun. This hairstyle is perfect for everyday and for work.

The accessories for the season have been floral and scarves. Unlike last year where accessories was barely seen on runways and red carpets, hair stylist is adding a little pizzazz to hairstyles by adding some garlands on the hair that suits the attire. They would wrap scarves in the hair or incorporate it in braids.

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Staying true to your roots. To my natural curl women and men out there! Be loud and be proud of your beautiful curly hair and show everybody that natural hair is breathtakingly beautiful. Natural and beautiful curly hair and dreads are being sported by celebrities with natural curls to show of their amazing heritage and culture.

What are your predictions for the “In” hairstyle for this year going to be? It’s still too early to tell, there might come a hairstyle that will sweep us off our feet. This may be the year we can find our “hairstyle that defined an era”.

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