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Easy Steps to Apply Makeup On Dry Skin

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Do you have dry skin? Then you know how hard it is to apply makeup. You might experience caking and flaking after applying makeup.

All of these are preventable, you just have to follow some steps and tips for a flake-free face. Here’s how:


1. Before applying makeup, use an exfoliating cleanser with gentle beads to get rid of dead cells on your skin’s surface.

2. In place of moisturizer, use a fast-absorbing serum or oil to work its magic into your skin, delivering hydration and relief.

3. The most important preparation to have a perfect makeup application is to use a primer. Primer keeps skin moisturized and smooth out pores and any imperfections.

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The RIGHT Formula

1. If you have flaky and dry skin, it is best to use a cream or a liquid foundation that contains oil. Another option is to use a BB (beauty balm) cream which contain skin hydrating ingredients, like vitamin B and hyaluronic acid.

Don’t use anything cakey or heavy as this can cause irritation and will ruin your makeup.

2. To keep your skin from flaking, choose a lightweight foundation and for application use a synthetic foundation brush. For that natural look, use a damp beauty blender to press makeup into your skin.

3. For your blush, use a liquid stain or creamy compact instead of powder for that added hydration and to avoid cracking.

4. When wearing lipstick for dry lips, avoid long-wearing formula or matte lipstick as it can contribute to dryness. Go for sheer lipstick and lip gloss to make your lips look juicier.

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Dry Skin To Do’S

1. Skip on the powder.
Skip on the powder if your skin is dry and prone to flaking. But if you must use powder in your T-zone areas such as the chin, forehead and nose, just apply a bit of powder in those areas. Or you can use oil-blotting sheets instead.

2. Pass on waterproof formulas.
Stay away from the waterproof formulas as as this can lead to flaking because it absorbs your skin’s moisture.

3. Bring an instant refresher.
Bring an instant skin refresher in your makeup bag. This is good for a midday moisture boost, a few spray over your makeup can help keep makeup from caking and help to balance dry skin.

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4. Watch your diet.
If your skin and lips are always dry and flaky, maybe it’s time to check your diet. Do you drink enough water? Are you consuming too much sugar, alcohol or sodium? A diet filled with these can contribute a lot to your lips being dry and parched.

Do you know of other makeup application tips for dry skin? Share it with us!

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