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Girl Tips for Everyday Life

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To all my lovely girls, we have compiled this list of time saving and efficient tips for everyday life. These tips are easy to do and simple to remember that it can help change the way you do every day forever. Can’t leave your house due to a big red pimple on the middle of your face? Do you easily get cramps when you work out? Does your dress cling to your thighs when you walk? Is your kids giving you a hard time during meal time? You got pen stains on your clothes? Need to save up on money? Worry no more! From fashion to household tips we got everything for the everyday girl. Read on below for these easy tips.

Girl Tips for Everyday Life

• The healthiest drink you can have beside water is tea. So, try your best to drink more herbal tea. Not only is it full of health benefits, it also contains little to no calories. Teas will also help keep you feeling full before and after meals. Pick the perfect herbal tea for your day to day activity. Peppermint for digestion, Chamomile to help get some sleep, Green tea for metabolism and so on.

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• Get control of your money by downloading a banking app. This will help you get easy access to your finances and remind you of pretty much all the expenses you make when you swipe your card.

• Staying at a coffee shop or tea shop is a great way to relax and unwind, but buying your daily dose of caffeine in these shops can get a bit expensive. Imagine the amount of money you will be saving if you opt to make your own coffee and tea at home. Keep your money in your pocket by limiting your visits to the coffee shop.

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• It’s a common problem for women to lose their chap sticks. Keep your lips moisturized by having one chap sticks in your bag, one in your kitchen, one in your makeup pouch, one in your car and 2 more stocked up just in case. You can never be too sure.

• Thrift stores are amazing! You can get branded stuff for a fraction of its worth, just make sure to wash them properly to remove the smell.

• When planning to invest in anything, invest in your jeans. Never buy cheap jeans. It cost more to buy a new pair of jeans every month. The better quality the jeans are, the longer it will last. Another important tip when it comes to jeans is to wash them as seldom as you can. This will keep the fabric intact longer and prevent fading.

• Never chase after boys. There are reasons why it didn’t work out.

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• Driving in heels are dangerous. When planning to drive wear slippers. If you’re someone that tends to wear hears a lot place spare slippers in your car for driving.

• Spend money on your foundation, eyeliner and lipstick. Trust us, it’s worth it.

• Running shoes aren’t just for show. Get ones that can actually help your performance. Don’t buy running shoes because you find it aesthetically pleasing.

• Never forget to remove your makeup when you go to sleep.

• Trying to get rid of a huge pimple? Dab on some mouthwash and leave it overnight.

• Keep makeup wipes beside your bed in case you’re too tired to wash it off.

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• Never leave your home without earphones, money, a lighter, your id and phone.

• When you get into a new relationship, don’t forget about your friends. The rush and excitement of a new relationship can be exciting, but spending some time with your long time pals will keep you grounded.

• Never forget to eat a healthy breakfast.

• When working out breathe in when you step with your right foot and breathe out with your left. This will reduce the chances of muscle cramps.

• Remove pen stains from your clothes with the help of rubbing alcohol.

• When going on a date, opt for places that are not too noisy and are not surrounded by alcohol.

• Don’t forget about your mom, she’s there to help you whenever she can and she most likely wants to bond with you.

• Brands aren’t everything. Pick clothes or items that you can use and not what’s trendy.

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• Boob tape can do wonders for strapless bras and clingy dresses. Place a small tape to your dress to prevent it from clinging to your thighs and prevent nip slips.

• If you want your smile to look genuine in your photos, slightly squint your eyes.
There are more tips to come! Tell us what you think and share with us some of your everyday tips!

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