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Can Eating Gelatin Prevent or Reduce Wrinkles?

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Have you heard from someone that something as simple as consuming gelatin can help prevent wrinkles or improve the appearance of already existing ones? If you cannot decide between believing and doubting such claim, then you have come to the right place. This article will let you know whether or not it’s a fact.

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Gelatin is something that you can easily purchase these days in powdered form. The snack food aisle of your favorite supermarket is also lined with jelly treats. If what you heard about gelatin consumption being excellent for warding off or dealing with wrinkles is true, then clearly there’s an abundance of anti-aging products in our midst.

But is it really true?

In order to know the answer to that, it’s a good idea for us to know what gelatin is made of. Actually, not a lot of people know that gelatin is made from beef bones and connective tissues! It’s exactly for this reason why vegetarians stay away from jelly products because they are aware that they are made from animal sources.

Beef bones and connective tissues are actually rich in a type of protein called collagen. Sounds familiar? Well, collagen is an ingredient found in most anti-aging lotions, creams and serums these days. There are also lots of anti-aging supplements that rely on collagen in order for them to work.

And it’s the presence of collagen why so many people say that eating gelatin can help in the war against wrinkles. But can consuming gelatin really help prevent or improve wrinkles?

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By considering what gelatin is made from, it’s absolutely true!

Our bodies are actually capable of manufacturing its own collagen. The skin needs to be supplied with it to keep it firm. Aside from the skin, collagen is also necessitated by the bones, ligaments, tendons, blood vessels and others.

However, among beauty-conscious individuals collagen is popular for keeping them free of wrinkles. Many are clamoring for collagen-containing products and supplements because the body’s production of collagen tends to decline as the years pass by. Stress, too much sun and exposure to pollutants can cause collagen breakdown.

If the production of collagen is decreased and the rate of breakdown of collagen is increased, then it’s not unlikely for the skin to end up saggy and wrinkly!

Going back to gelatin — since it contains collagen, consuming it can definitely help increase the amount of collagen in our bodies. So why do a lot of people shell out huge sums of cash just to get their hands on those expensive collagen-containing products if we can actually obtain collagen from gelatin?

The answer is simple: they are not aware that gelatin actually contains collagen.

However, there is a problem with the intake of gelatin products, and that’s the fact that they tend to contain tons of sugar. The presence of lots of sugar can easily negate the beautifying effects of collagen because sugar can promote inflammation, and inflammation is something that can do all sorts of negative things, including accelerated aging of the skin. So in short, the intake of gelatin can easily be made pointless by its sugar content.

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Fret not because you can simply make your own gelatin at home with the use of gelatin powder. By mixing it with natural fruit juices, you can have a delicious treat that can prevent or reduce wrinkles!

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