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Here are the Things you Need to Do to Be Happy

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Happiness comes in many forms. It is a universal goal that each and every one of us want to achieve at some point in our lives. Unfortunately, not all of us experience happiness due to a variety of factors. If you want to be genuinely happy, with feelings of contentment and higher sense of being, here are a few tips that can lead you to it!

  • Always be grateful

Bringing more happiness into your life is just a matter of being thankful for the things that you have. It is true that the simplest things give infinite joy and genuine bliss to people.  Small but simple things bring more positivity in life and a sense of satisfaction that money can’t buy. Practicing gratitude on a daily basis can result in reduction of stress and rid oneself of negativity.

The opposite of gratitude is never-ending complaining of how things aren’t going your way. Based on a study conducted in 2003, those who practice gratitude have better physical and psychological wellbeing. People who are focused on their blessings seem to reap a host of emotional and interpersonal benefits.

In addition, gratitude is proven to inspire social support and relieve people of stress and depression.

  • Smile more

Smiling is the best natural accessory that you can have. It reflects your sense of happiness, and inspires others to be happy too.

On a physiological standpoint, happiness signals that brain to release more endorphins that stimulate positive wellness.

People who continuously cultivate positive thoughts as well as recollection of happy memories are more likely to enjoy good mood on a regular basis. Smiling is also proven to improve attention as well as improve one’s cognitive performance.

  • Be a person that gives
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Volunteering your time, effort, and money can make you feel happy. Getting out of your comfort zone in order to help people in need is an excellent way to boost your mood and feel good about yourself.


Most volunteering work requires labor, thus they engage you to become more physically fit. By increasing your energy levels, you feel less stressed and with helping others, you attain a higher level of satisfaction.

  • Exercise more

The simplest way to boost your mood is by exercising. Physical exertion activities are a natural mood-boosting technique that will effectively increase your serotonin and endorphin levels. In addition, working out also helps relieve stress. Lastly regular exercise can help you build more confidence and self-esteem.

  • Limit social media and mobile usage

The technological innovations of smartphones and the connectivity of social media platforms have undoubtedly delivered great benefits to modern society. Unfortunately, it also carries a few negative effects to our lives.

According to research, people who check on their social media frequently may suffer from anxiety attacks and depression. Among adolescents who are addicted to social media, they develop negative behaviors including the need for excessive attention and reassurance-seeking behaviors.

According to a study conducted in Denmark, those who were able to successfully abstain from checking their social media accounts experienced better social lives and increased ability to focus on more important tings.

Those who use their smartphones frequently were found to have lower GPAs, and higher anxiety resulting lower satisfaction with life.

  • Connect with others

Relationships and happiness are closely connected to each other. Working hard to build relationships develop happiness and working hard on attaining happiness is beneficial when building relationships.

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People who have greater frequency of interaction with family, friends, and neighbors reflect more satisfaction in life than those who close their doors to meeting new people.

In addition, social relationships have great impact on healthy outcomes as they influence mental, emotional, and physical health.

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