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Stunning Holiday Hairstyles Must Try

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The holiday is just around the corner and for sure you have several parties to attend to. Although seeing your family and friends is an exciting prospect, the need to style your hair can prove to be frustrating especially when you don’t want to look the same in all of your holiday photos. You’re probably thinking of just letting your hair loose like you always do or tie it up in the usual pony tail so it won’t be too much of a hassle but you might be surprised to find that there are several holiday hairstyles that are actually easy to pull off. As a matter of fact, here are some examples of hairstyles that are perfect for your holiday get-togethers.

Front and Center Dutch Braid. Hair accessories might not be something that you are fond of but you can actually make a stylish hairstyle without using one. Simply part your hair in the center then gather a small amount of hair in the middle and create a Dutch braid. Tuck the pieces behind your hair and pin them in place with bobby pins and you’re done.

Roll-up. If you are looking for an elegant hairstyle to wear for your party, why not do the roll-up? You can get the Half-Up by Sarah Potempa which is a type of flexible foam that has a slit in the middle. Slide the ends of your hair into the slit then roll the foam horizontally and secure with bobby pins after. You can make this more glamorous by inserting a bejewelled comb and you’re done. It’s simple to do and will add that elegance to your outfit.

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60s Chic Short and Sweet. Having short hair gives you plenty of styles to work with but if you are pressed for time, take the 60s look of giving your hair with a high crown. Combine this with undone waves with straighter ends and you will look simply stunning.

Side Braid. A little side braid isn’t really a bad idea when it comes to styling your hair. Just scrunch your hair with a texturizing spray then bring them into one side then braid. The tousled look will look great on any outfit. To complete the look, tie the ends with a rubber band or hair tie then dress it up with a bow. This is so easy to do and will make you look stunning in your party as well.

Sleek Strands. If you are really running out of time and you can’t make up your mind on what hairstyle to wear, going simple will do. A sleek hairstyle never gets old, so give your hair a few passes with a hot iron, then dress it up with a headpiece and you’re done. You will look amazing with this hairstyle and you don’t even have to worry about your hair falling out of place after several hours.

Pretty Pony. Another easy-to-do hairstyle that will give you that glamorous look is the pretty pony. Simply curl your hair to make waves then sweep them all to one side then tie it in a pony tail. Add some embellishments and you’re done. This hairstyle won’t take up too much of your time too so this a good way to elevate that chic look.

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As you can see, there are so many hairstyles for you to choose from and just in time for the coming holidays. Feel free to go crazy with your hair by experimenting on your look. You might be surprised to stumble upon a hairstyle that will really work for you.











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