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Look Good Without Any Sleep

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Going about your day with little to no sleep will make you feel lethargic, unfocused and listless. Lack of sleep can slow down brain function and prevent the body from rejuvenating. This will cause you to feel drowsy, indistinct and have slow reflexes. Not only will it affect your mental state, it will also affect your mood. Lack of sleep will make you easily irritated
and grumpy. One of the worst side effects of lack of sleep is on your physical appearance. Sunken eyes, puffy under eye bags, pale complexion and dry skin are some of the physical effects of a sleepless night. Don’t panic, there are always beauty tricks you can do to look good without any sleep. Reduce eye puffiness, get back your natural, healthy glow and
rejuvenate your skin. Follow these beauty tips to keep looking smashing through a sleepless day.

Caffeine boost!

Caffeine can help reduce the appearance of tired looking eyes. Caffeine from your favorite cup of Joe or tea can help give you the energy boost you need and can also help tighten the skin around your eyes. Find eye cream products that contain caffeine to get the instant effect of tighter and brighter eyes.
Products with caffeine will help reduce under eye puffiness and dark circles. Remove the first signs of lack of sleep with a good helping of caffeine cream.

Super Hydrating Night Cream and Moisturizing Agents

Lack of sleep will drain moisture from your skin, making your more prone wrinkles, fine lines and dull skin. This is more noticeable when you apply makeup. When you plan on going dancing during up until the wee morning or is constantly waking every hour to sooth your babies crying, apply a good amount of super hydrating night cream. If you manage to forget to apply your moisturizing doze through the night,
don’t worry. You can still get an instant moisture boost when you wake up. Apply a thin layer of the moisturizing agent and hydrating night cream before you apply your makeup.

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Remove the Sunken Eyes and Dark Circles

One of the first indication of a sleepless night is raccoon eyes. The dark and lifeless eyes that you carry around with you after a night of no sleep. Combat this by reducing the puffiness in your eyes and camouflaging your dark circles. The best way to reduce eye puffiness is applying ice or using a cold spoon. Place a two spoon in the freezer overnight a
nd place this against your eyes. This will reduce the
puffiness in your eye bags and eye lids. Cover up your dark circle by neutralizing the dark colors with a color corrector. Look at the hues in your eyes, is more of a dark bluish color, brown or red? Find the color in your color corrector that will counteract the hues in your eyes. Peach colors for brown, green for red and so on. Take a small amount of color correct
or and place it in your under eye. Use your fingertips to blend in the color. After applying the color corrector take a small mount of concealer and apply it in an upside down triangle shape underneath your under eye area.

Keep Your Eyebrows Tidy

Your eyebrows can really put your whole look together. Sloppy an unkempt eyebrow will make you look unprofessional. Perfectly shaped and groomed eyebrows make you look more awake and help frame your face. Use a brow pencil lightly and use concealer or highlighter to help define the shape. Use your
fingertips to blend the color to make it appear more natural.

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Lashes! Thick and Beautiful Lashes

Having long and luscious lashes will help mask you dark circles and eye puffiness. Thick lashes will also make your eyes appear wider and more awake. Apply false eyelashes if you want or just apply a good amount of mascara. After applying your mascara curl your lashes.

Use Brown Eyeliner Not Black

Black eyeliner will only accentuate your dark circles and it will only make you look more tired. Prevent this by using a less harsh color such as brown. Apply eyeliner in your upper lash line and keep it as close to your waterline as possible. Too much eyeliner will only make your eyes appear hollower and more sleepless.

Try out these beauty tips to make you look good without any sleep. Share with us your beauty tips to looking good after a sleepless night!

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