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Gaining Muscle Made Easy

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Gaining muscle is easy for some and difficult for many. This is because of the different body types that all men are born with. These body types are classified as Ectomorph, Mesomorph, and Endomorph. Those who belong to the Ectomorph group are born skinny with relatively low body fat. For Ectomorphs to gain muscle they need to eat a lot of protein and vegetables and their workout regimen needs to be more intense in order for them t
o build serious muscle. Mesomorphs on the other hand are in the middle because they are born with a little more body fat.
For Mesomorphs to effectively build muscle, they must concentrate more effort on performing cardiovascular exercises regularly. The great part about this group is that they build muscle easier than Mesomorphs. The last group is the Endomorphs. This body type is characterized as being born with a lot of body fat. For this group to build muscle, they must perform daily cardiovascular exercises of at least 30 to 45 minutes if they wish to lose weigh t so that they can build muscle effectively. Now that you know your body type, go run, bike, or swim regularly so that you can begin with this program of gaining easy muscle.
In order to effectively gain muscle, you must workout. Without this, you will not gain muscle. You can choose to divide your week to focusing on different body parts in a specific day. For example, you can focus your Mondays on your chest. Some people choose to rest the next day which is also effective but if you really want to build serious muscle, working out 5 times a week is ideal. Here is an effective workout regimen that you may use.


– Use this day to focus on your chest. You may perform exercises such as bench press, inclined bench press, and push-ups.


– Use this day to focus on your back, where you can do exercises such as machine rows and lateral rows. You can even do inverted sit-ups where instead of working out your abs, you are working out your back.


– Give your upper body a rest and focus on your legs where you do a variation of squats and dead lifts. Always be sure to keep your back supported at all times.


– Focus this day on your shoulders, which you can perform a variety of military presses.


– Allot this day for your biceps and triceps. Bicep curls and tricep pull down exercises are a must.


– Rest


To further aid you in your bodybuilding goals, you should take some supplements. Examples of effective supplements are:
  • Multi-vitamins- These infuse your body with many required vitamins and nutrients.
  • Magnesium- This is great for helping with your sleeping habit, which is essential at allowing your body to heal.
  • Protein- This gives your body the ability of replacing torn muscle fibers with newer fibers that get added on the muscle. This will make your muscles bigger and stronger.
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