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Should You Try Drinking Kukicha?

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Green tea is healthy, right? And that’s why brewing and consuming a cup of it is a wonderful, wonderful idea. There is a type of this highly beneficial drink that is popular in Japan but virtually unknown elsewhere, and it’s called kukicha. Continue reading if you would like to welcome another form of green tea into your life!

What makes kukicha different from regular green tea is the fact that is made from the stems or twigs of camellia sinensis or tea plant rather than its leaves. It’s for this reason why kukicha is sometimes referred to as twig tea.

In Japan where it comes from, kukicha is considered as green tea for the poor because the camellia sinensis part plants that it is made from are practically waste products. However, farmers allow those discarded parts to dry in the sun. Afterwards, they are roasted and then brewed in hot water.

The good news is kukicha is just as capable as regular green tea in impressing, thanks to the many health perks it offers. Every cup of this Japanese beverage allows you to enjoy the following benefits:

Young-Looking Skin

Drinking kukicha is like applying some of the costliest anti-aging beauty products on the planet because it is highly capable of slowing down aging due to its phenomenal antioxidant content. Scientists say that the regular intake of this type of green tea from Japan may lower your skin cancer risk. But still it’s important for you to generously apply sunscreen on exposed parts of the body when heading out between 10 in the morning and 4 in the afternoon.

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Reduced Heart Disease Risk

Just like regular green tea, kukicha is proven to help lower high blood pressure and bad cholesterol, both of which can increase a person’s risk of suffering from heart disease, heart attack and stroke if left uncontrolled. Kukicha works so effectively in keeping the ticker safe because of its incredible antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Healthier Mouth

Whenever you have a cup of kukicha, it’s just like using mouthwash because it has the ability to zap oral bacteria that can cause bad breath and also plaque formation. Here’s another reason why kukicha is good for your mouth: it contains fluoride that your teeth needs to remain tough. By having your pearly whites strengthened, they can become more resistant to cavities. So in other words, kukicha can help keep your smile beautiful and intact.

A Smaller Waistline

Did you know that it is a good idea for you to consume kukicha on a regular basis if you want to lose weight quickly and effectively? That’s because it contains a compound (epigallocatechin gallate or EGCG) that is scientifically-proven to accelerate the metabolism, thus allowing you to burn more excess calories in half the time.

Have you already tried having a cup of kukicha? If so, feel free to share your experience with it in the comments section below. And also, don’t forget to repost this article on your various social media sites to get your health- and budget-conscious family and friends introduced to kukicha, too!

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