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How to Get Fit when You’re Out of Shape

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Have you ever experienced the feeling of being out of shape? You were probably once a familiar face in your local gym but work and life have gotten in the way. And since you’ve noticed that you’re feeling a bit breathless even with the slightest exertion, you realized that you are no longer the same individual who was fit years ago. Is it still possible to get back into shape?

The answer to this is yes but there are also pitfalls that you should learn to avoid such as comparing your achievements today to what you have been doing years ago. If you’re a runner and can go miles easily, and find yourself catching your breath in just 30 minutes, for sure you’ll be disappointed and wouldn’t want to go on. This is one of the reasons why fitness experts suggest these tips so you can get back on the road of getting yourself into shape again.

  1. Avoid idealizing the past. For sure you can recall that moment when you finally crossed the finish line in a marathon race but you’ll most likely forget the hardship of training. Keep in mind that the amount of work that you’ve done previously will be the same thing that you will be doing today. It’s always a good idea to avoid evaluating yourself every week but rather after a month. This will allow you to have more time to get your body into a routine.
  2. Focus on flexibility and strength. There is no need to worry that you’re not able to touch your toes just yet especially after a long hiatus from working out. You’ve probably lost your flexibility and that your muscles and joints are a bit tight at the moment. This doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to regain your flexibility though especially as you slowly ease into your fitness regimen.
  3. Always start small. If you’re idea of getting back into shape is throwing yourself back into your old workout regimen, chances are you’ll fail miserably. One reason behind this is that your muscles are not the same as they used to which means that they are a bit tight and less flexible. This can inhibit your performance when working out which can frustrate you to no end. With that being said, it’s always a better idea to start small. For example, aim for three sets of 10-12 reps of your weightlifting routine first and from there increase the number of reps or intensity of your workout.
  4. Find a new reason to stay fit. Your reason for staying fit before will most likely change today. Finding a new reason why you want to achieve a certain fitness goal will help you stay motivated as you work your muscles out. Perhaps your reason is to stay healthier for your family, or you’re planning on becoming an athlete, or you just want to get rid of those flabby skins that you see peeking from your tight clothes. Whatever your reasons may be, use them as your motivation.
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It doesn’t matter whether it has been years since you last lifted weights or run for your health. What is important is what you’re going to do now to start living a healthier and fitter life.

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